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Son Of Thunder. by Libby Bishop. PNR/Thriller. ARC Review.

Rune is the grandson of Thor, and just as strong. Exiled to the realm of Earth for nearly killing his brother–it was a little misunderstanding– he has to find a way to redeem himself so he can get back to Asgard. And when he lands—literally—in the bed of a fiery redhead with an FBI badge, he realizes that she may be the key to going home. But helping Liv hunt a killer has one big consequence—chemistry. He can’t keep his hands off her, and there’s no way they can ever be together.

Six years ago, FBI Special Agent Liv Winter’s best friend was murdered. Since then, she’s taken a two-week vacation around the anniversary of the death to try and solve the case. She’s used every available resource. Yet, her friend’s killer is still on the loose. She refuses to give up—willing to do almost anything to bring the person to justice.

Apparently, almost anything includes trusting a god. And while she might need Rune’s help with her case, there’s no way she’ll ever trust him with her heart.

Liv Winter is going back to her cabin to do her usual annual look through the murder files from when her best friend was killed. It has been six years and still she is no nearer catching the killer. As an FBI agent she knows that it's unlikely that was his first or last murder. She needs to find something new to help find him.
Rune is the son of Thor and Grandson to Odin,  but he is annoyed with them for not punishing his brother for the behaviour he has got away with since they were young. This time it's him being banished to Earth to prove himself. The people on Earth know about the Gods, their visits and the Godkins that are often a result of liaisons between Gods and humans.
On the trail of a serial killer who is a descendant of the gods is not going to be easy. Having a God to help might be a little distracting.
The start to what I'm sure will be a great series. I hope it is going to be a series ???
 I loved it.

Libby Bishop is a paranormal/erotic romance author.

She loves reading, movies, Lindt dark chocolate, autumn, and spending time with friends and family.

She also writes dark fantasy/horror under the name October Weeks.



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