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Wolf´s run.( Wolf´s Trilogy #1) by D.H.Cameron ARC Review.

Cassie's sleepy little town is about to become a whole lot more interesting. Wolf's Run, a motorcycle gathering, is coming back to town. Drunken bikers, half naked women, rock concerts and wet-t-shirt contests will soon take over the town of Gold Canyon. But Cassie couldn't care less. She just needs the business to keep her diner's doors open and keep her mom's dream alive.

There's more to Wolf's Run, however, that meets the eye. The gathering dredges up old feuds and Cassie finds herself smack dab in the middle. Dolan, the big, mean, leather clad biker, has it in for her and she doesn't know why. Yeager, the tall, amber-eyed biker, seems bent on protecting her and when he tells her the reason, Cassie can hardly believe it.

Cassie comes to believe it, however, when Dolan attacks her and reveals what he really is. Now Cassie has no choice but to believe Yeager's claims that men really can turn into wolves. But Yeager isn't just any shifter. He claims Cassie is his mate and whisks her off to safety where Yeager reveals all. But Dolan isn't finished with Cassie and the man that claims to be a wolf and her mate. Can Cassie accept what she already knows in her heartis the truth? Will she embrace her fate and fulfill her destiny or will old feuds destroy everything?

Wolf's Run features all the sexy, steamy romance you've come to expect from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author D. H. Cameron but adds more than a little supernatural intrigue to the mix. You'll find curvy heroines, bad boy heroes and a whole lot more in Wolf's Run. Suspense, thrills and a few surprises await beyond.

This is a shifter, biker romance with quite a few differences, to the normal. Our wolves do not live in packs, although they do sometimes travel in groups, like for the Wolf's Run.  There are only male shifter wolves.  They take their mates from among  human women.
When hundreds of bikers hit town for a long weekend it can change peoples lives forever. That certainly happens to our heroine.
This book is in two parts. One when our protagonists first get together. The second what happens when they try to live their lives, but someone else wants to change it.
It has a somewhat kinky twist to some of the sex scenes. Lots of surprises and some vicious fights. The secondary characters are a very important part of the story, and prove how much friends are vital for a full and happy life.
An enjoyable, sexy and fun read.

D. H. Cameron enjoys writing stories with a heart and a little, or a lot, of erotic sizzle. Ms. Cameron also writes fantasy under another pen name. Besides writing, Ms. Cameron enjoys music, specifically hard rock and heavy metal, cooking, clothes and photography. Ms. Cameron is happily married with two wonderful children. Home, where Ms. Cameron writes full time, is in Nevada.

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