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A Bear Victory. (Puck Bear Brides #1) by Anya Nowlan. ARC Review.

A bear can puck up once... But can he capture the prize regardless of past mistakes? 

Cannon Wright's an irredeemable bad boy hockey star, or that's at least what the tabloids know. The star of the Chicago Bluehawks, the werebear playmaker has been living a life of adrenaline and victory for years now, but something's always been missing. When he and his whole team is moved to Shifter Grove, he realizes there's only one thing that could make him happy - his mate. Good thing is, he already knows who she is. Bad thing is, she hates his guts. 

Kimberley Thomas is really good at forgetting things she doesn't want to remember. Or so she thinks. But one werebear got under her skin years ago and try as she might, she hasn't been able to move on. Until, that is, a mysterious stranger starts talking to her over a dating app and everything seems to change! But when she finally decides to take him up on his offer and visit him, she comes face to face with the hockey bear of her dreams... and her nightmares! 

Will these two defiant souls give one another a second chance, or is this hockey romance destined for a loss? Can Cannon get both his woman and his victory? 

Each book in the Puck Bear Brides series can be read as a standalone. No cheating, a guaranteed happy ending and plenty of steamy Alpha bad boy loving await you in this novella!


Cannon Wright is a hockey player for the National Shifter Hockey League and a grizzly bear. His coach has moved the team to the middle of nowhere.  Better known as Shifter Grove. He feels if the shutters on his team are closer to nature their animals will be happier, and the men will play better.
Kimberley works on the P.R team of a Montreal hockey team. She has hooked up online with a mystery hockey player. She has decided to go to one on his games to see if she wants to get to know him better.
This seems to be more a sports romance than a shifter one. The story is about a second chance after one messed up big time. A fun read. 

Anya Nowlan loves growly bears, hot sex and writing about both. The sexier and naughtier the better. She mostly writes paranormal and fantasy novellas and novels, focusing on shifters and their lucky mates. Her stories are often bite-sized, just what you need to soothe that craving for brave women and strong alphas with a big side-order of some smuttiness.

Anya lives in Boston with her boyfriend and several dogs of varying sizes and levels of mischief. She can't go through a day without chocolate and has an unhealthy addiction to purses, but every girl is allowed her little vices, right? 

If you have enjoyed her shorts or want to just shoot the breeze a little, don't hesitate to contact Anya via e-mail:


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