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The Handfasting ( Books #1, 2, 3,) by Becca St John. My Review.

Feisty Maggie MacBede will never marry a warrior. Och No! With eight strapping brothers and a warrior of a Da, she has had enough of holding her own against great headstrong men. She´ll not risk her heart to the sword. Give her a poet, a bard , any man but a fighting man, and she will find her match.
Talorc the Bold, the Laird MacKay, has no care for Maggie´s foolishness. When he heard the MacBede battle cry, "For Our Maggie!" and witnessed the impossible victory it spurred , he set out to marry her for the clan. Then he felt her in his arms and knew he would marry her for himself and the grand power of their mating.
The clan intercedes, the two are Handfasted, married for a year and a day as an enemy lurks deep in the belly of the clan. By winning his bride´s love , Talorc may just lose her life.

Maggie MacBede is the only daughter in a large family of Highland warriors.  Her twin brother was killed in the last battle. She can't bear the thought of losing anyone else. This time when the warriors return home the Laird MacKay (the one who is always sending for them to fight) comes with them. Maggie has no say in her future from then on.
Talorc the Bold the Laird MacKay has heard many tales of Maggie from her clansmen round the campfire. He is determined to make her his, one way or another. 
All the neighbouring clans have suffered loses and damage, but now young girls are going missing.  They must find out who is responsible. 
In this story we have a BBW as our heroine. She is bold and feisty and quite often acts before she thinks. She is born for the job of a chieftain's wife. Except that is NOT what she wants.
Our hero is a typical Highland Laird,  everyone jumps to his command, because he knows what is best for everyone.  Needless to say they they Both have some learning to do. All the while the danger is getting closer.
There are lots of laughs and a few tears in this story. As usual from this very talented author a book that keeps you interested from page one all the way to the end. I highly recommend it.

An Accidental Writer
Writing was a tool, not a toy , until a stay in an ancient( I swear it was haunted) hotel on a frightfully stormy night straight from a cliched novel full of howling wind and creaking floors.The night drove me to a bookcase full of dog eared romances. Sleepless turned to fascination. Hooked I read old romances, new romances, both sexy and sweet until my own tales begged to be written. 


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