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Circle of Dreams ( A Quytel Novel) by Jane S.Morrissey. Book Tour , Review.+ E-Book copy GIVEAWAY


Circle of Dreams by Jane S. Morrissey Quytel #1 
Publication Date: April 21, 2015 

Tour: Circle of Dreams by Jane S. Morrissey 

Leader of an elite psychic team, Cole Courtland is a shape-shifting wolf with a deep connection to the power of the Earth. His investigation of a string of mysterious murders throws him into the dangerous world of the Quytel and leads him straight to Brianna Doherty’s door.
Bri is plagued by vicious nightmares of death and pain that leave her wondering about her own history. When her home is under siege, an enigmatic stranger appears out of nowhere to save her. Thrown together in a tangle of desire and danger, they are pulled deeper into the secretive world of the Quytel, an ancient order charged with maintaining the balance of power on earth. Staying one step ahead of those who would destroy them, they struggle to unravel the truth of Bri’s past and her family legacy. As her relationship with Cole grows stronger, the reality of who Bri is threatens to tear them apart.
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This is the first book in what is going to be a totally addictive series.  
The Quytel is a powerful organization of people with physic abilities.  They are charged with ensuring the balance of physic power in the world. 
Someone is murdering people, and all that is left of the bodies is a dried out husk. 
Bri  is a reporter chasing the story of a serial killer. She doesn't know just how much she is connected to the case. She soon will. 
Cole and his team are private investigators,  with a few very special abilities that help in their work..They are also looking into the same deaths. Cole is a werewolf with a very strong connection to the earth. 
This is a very intense story.  The physic battles are so well described you can easily "see" what is happening.  Our hero is a strong and sexy man who is so far out of his comfort zone. But still standing firm. Our heroine starts the story confused,  with every twist the book takes she gets more thrown at her. It just makes her stronger. 
I loved the book, and I know the series is about the Quytel,  but I want to follow Cole's team as well. So I hope they appear in the next books.

About Jane Morrissey
I love romance, magic, and writing. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to write. When I was about eleven, my friend and I wrote a little book of short stories about mermaids that we illustrated ourselves. It was quite a thriller as you might imagine. When I was a teenager, I fantasized about being a writer but didn’t know what I wanted to write. In college, I embarked on my first romance story… somehow it turned into a murder mystery. I have to be honest, where my imagination and the characters took me freaked me out a little, and I put writing on hold for about ten years while I did other things. But there was always a little voice in the back of my mind that wouldn’t let me forget my dream of writing.
About five years ago I finally started my first novel. It was rough going. I hadn’t really studied writing and while I had written papers and articles in school and for my jobs, fiction was a different animal. Once I hit my stride, the first two-and-a-half books in the Quytel Series poured onto the page. Embarking on this strange journey of writing has led me into other worlds and on wild adventures, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But the books certainly needed quite a lot of work, so I spent the next few years editing and revising. It took several conversations with friends and family, and a particularly memorable bit of coaxing from a dear friend, who is also an author, before I was ready to share them. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I've loved writing them.

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