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Rogue, The Omega Group Series #2 By Andrea Domanski.

The Omega Group are preternatural men and women who police the Others who cause trouble.
Carter is a Navajo from the Havasupia tribe. This tribe have  the ability to shift into wolf form.  The mission Carter and his team are going on will bring him face to face with his past. Strange happenings on and around the reservation mean that Omega must investigate. 
Ancient tribal animosity, petty jealousy and lies make the job difficult.  Add in a secret government project with a mad man in control and the whole thing becomes lethal.

This is the second book in the series and it would be better to read them in order, so that you understand the team members special abilities.  All the characters are heroes in their own very different ways. There is a little gentle romance and lots of exciting action and adventure.  A marvellous fun read.


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