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The Fire and the Sword (Men of Blood #2) by Rosamund Winchester. Historical Romance My Review.

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Get Book Two in the brutal, adventurous, and passionate MEN OF BLOOD series. Medieval England comes alive in this raw and powerful tale!

1414 A.D. - Sir Elric Gadot is a skilled swordsman, a womanizer, and a murderer. After a terrible decision cost the life of his brother, he flees the only home he’s ever known to fight beside men as broken and bloody as he is. Along the way, he finds new brothers in the Homme du Sang. As the new commander of a group of brave and brutal knights, Elric is soon given an order he cannot disobey - he is to escort the cardinal’s beautiful and fiery niece into enemy territory to be delivered to her betrothed.

Unfortunately for him, the woman has other plans.

Minnette Calleaux didn’t cross an ocean to be sold off to some weak-chinned lord in the middle of the wilderness. Desperate to make a life for herself in this new land, she attempts to escape her escort and their devastatingly handsome commander. But her plans go awry, leaving her in the arms of a man who can seduce her with his golden gaze and wicked words.

Betrayed by those in power, and hunted from the shadows by a man bent on a holy mission, Elric and Minnette must battle the elements and their own passions, because if they cannot win against their greatest enemy, it is more than just their lives at stake...

It is their love.


Sir Elric Gadot is the Commander of the Homme du Sang,  they are soldiers of the church.  At the moment they are serving a Cardinal that has proven himself untrustworthy.  Unfortunately that doesn't relieve them from duty,  unless it's proven that the Cardinal is acting against the church. 
Minnette Calleaux has been sent by her mother to England.  She is to stay with her uncle until he finds her a husband.  That is not something she is prepared to do.  She will run away to an aunt she has never met,  that way she can live life on her own terms. 
We have a particularly nasty villain in this story.  He is a killer who takes great pleasure in what he does.  When he gets an assignment from a man of God , he knows he is on a Holy mission.  That means he is as immortal as he has always believed. 
This is a historical romantic suspense with lots of danger and intrigue.  There is also some naughty romantic scenes.  The characters are complex and obviously form a series where each book can be read alone. 
I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Rosamund Winchester is a determined and overwhelmed mother of four children. If she didn't have writing to focus on, she'd spend all day staring into space and pondering the mysteries of the universe.

Rosamund writes emotional, thrilling, heart-pounding historical romance that draws the reader into the adventure, the passion, and the happily ever after. Rosamund also writes sweet historical romance as Lynn Winchester, so she offers books for all romance lovers.

When Rosamund isn't writing sexy historical romance, or sweet historical romance as Lynn Winchester, she is reading whatever she is in the mood for, or watching crime shows on Discovery ID.

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