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Seduction of Wealth: Hot Cops. Hot Crime. Hot Romance. by Emma Calin. Romantic Suspense ARC Review.

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What would you do if your bosses told you to break the law? How far would you go before you questioned them? What if you’re a cop and your bosses are the law? 

London traffic cop Kaitlyn Thorn narrowly escapes a Mafia attack on the world-dominating banker Randolph Quinn, a key witness under her protection. Someone on the inside has gone bad and betrayed her location. With orders to keep him alive at all costs, she has to run from her own team and gamble on nothing but her own instincts. 

Alone with this sexy and powerful man, her desire to know him in every way begins to dictate her actions. They want her to stay close to him, but just how far can she go before her passion clouds her judgement? If she loves him will she be able to betray and turn him in, as she surely must? 

United with Randolph in all-or-nothing danger, she abandons herself to moments of pleasure, knowing every delicious second could be her last. Can she really trust their love? As risks escalate she must demonstrate her courage and skill but will it be enough to save them both from destruction? 

'Seduction of Wealth', another stand-alone story in Emma Calin’s 'Seduction Series', combining thrilling crime mystery with steamy suspense romance. If you enjoy James Patterson, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts and Kendra Elliot you'll love a story that combines all of their best traits in a fast-paced, pulse-pounding roller-coaster adventure full of romance, deception, danger and love. A juicy mix of cops, crime and passion with a HEA ending. 


Police Constable Kaitlyn Thorn is a traffic cop and has been sent to an accident.  That was not what she found.  So begins a walk on the wild side for our honest and incredibly brave heroine.  She will need to search her conscience and look deep into her heart to take on her new job.  Can she be sure just who she is working for??
Randolph Quinn,  billionaire banker,  playboy or big time gangster,  victim or perpetrator,  which is he???
The bullets are flying,  the blood is flowing,  the sex is steamy and money rules. 
This is really an adventure into just what money can buy,  and what people will do to get it.  I had a giggle at the name of the Chinese Triad ,  almost made me want to work for them.  This is book that can easily be read on it's own, but you will meet someone from a previous story .
A book you can't put down until the end. It just might melt your kindle it's so hot. 


Emma Calin was born in London in 1962. She currently lives in France and the UK.

She has been writing since childhood and has won numerous local, national and international prizes for poetry and short stories. 

Emma currently writes action romance novels and gritty short stories in digital e-book, paperback and audio book formats. She has recently announced a series of illustrated children's modern-day fairy tales - the 'Once Upon a NOW' series, which includes 'ALF THE WORKSHOP DOG', 'ISABELLA'S PINK BICYCLE' and 'KOOL KID KRUNCHA AND THE HIGH TRAPEZE'.


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