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Auld Acquaintances, by Adam Zorzi. Holiday Romantic Suspense.(with PNR - Ghost - elements) & ARC Review

Title: Auld Acquaintances
Author: Adam Zorzi
Genre: Holiday Romantic Suspense
(with PNR - Ghost - elements)
Published: July 2017
Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Poet Ella Martine resists her fiancé's impulse to marry along Italy's Amalfi Coast overlooking the sea at the end of the summer. Snow. Ella wants a snowy wedding...
Growing up in Miami, Ella and her sister Edy never experienced holiday snow. Now living in the historic town of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, Ella's dream is to marry legal scholar Jay Saarinen in an intimate ceremony on New Year's Eve. Their friends and family are delighted except Edy who insists if Ella is to have a destination wedding it should be in an exotic locale. Edy arrives for the bridal week only to leave within hours, finding both the town and Ella too quaint for her sophisticated tastes. She promises to return in time for the rehearsal dinner.
Three centuries earlier, Lady Ann Harrington discovers her husband's betrayal at a New Year's Eve at a party attended by Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison... 
Heartbroken, she doesn't wait for her carriage and races home in a snowstorm, leaving one French satin shoe behind. She vows never to let other women suffer her fate and jumps from her bedroom window and dies. Lady Ann or someone using her story is determined to stop Ella and Jay's wedding by frightening the wedding party, slashing evening clothes, and stealing sentimental jewelry. She taunts Ella into believing her Jay and Edy are having an affair.
Ella and Jay are determined to marry despite Lady Ann's threat...
Jay insists he fell in love with Ella the first time he saw her on campus and would never betray her. He suspects someone is trying to stop the wedding by impersonating Lady Ann, but is puzzled by the motive. Jay and Edy have never met. After consulting a physician specializing in the paranormal, Ella becomes convinced Lady Ann's ghost will kill them under her cloak of invisibility. Neither she nor Jay is safe. Panicked, Ella runs out into a snowstorm, losing a designer shoe, but Jay convinces their love will keep them safe. 
Yet someone with a cruel secret falls deathly ill on the eve of the wedding.


Professor Elle Martine has planned for her wedding to be a winter wonderland on New Years Eve.  She is staying at an old colonial hotel , Queen Mary House . Unfortunately it has a ghost who seems determined to upset things.  Elle's sister is the first to arrive and hates everything she sees.  
Her fiancé  Jay Saarinen  teaches law at the same university . He is busy organizing everything for the families as they arrive.  
Our poor heroine is going to have an extremely stressful week.  Will they make it to the big day??.  
An unusual mystery with some strange characters and some very good ones.  
I must admit I found it hard to work out how their problems could be solved.  
A book that will keep you hooked until the end. 

Born in Venice, Italy, Adam is the author of Blind Spot, Blind Trust, and Blind Rage set in Richmond, Virginia that form the Blind Justice Trilogy. He lives in New York.

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