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Marked Dragon (Lured By Fire #2) by Aurora Woodlove. Paranormal Romance ARC Review

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Curvy Erika Williams is not the woman she used to be - bossy, confident, determined. Her divorce sent her spiraling, but now, two years later, she's coming to the conclusion that she has had enough of living in fear and alone. It's time for a change. Challenges are everywhere, money's tight, her house’s literally collapsing and then drop dead gorgeous - and very human, at first sight - Noah enters Erika's life out of the blue. Raised to believe shifters don’t mix with humans, she’s baffled to discover her inner animal’s interest in Noah. 

After years of struggling to build a quiet life among humans, things are finally going well for dragon shifter Noah Crosso. He has everything he needs, except a personal life, but that doesn’t bother him. Then, his dragon decides he finally wants a woman. When he sets his eyes on shy, curvy – very human, at first sight - Erika, he uses every excuse he can to be close to her. Having sworn off women a long time ago, Noah can’t believe his dragon is so attracted to a confusing, hot human. 

Is their attraction strong enough for them to break their self-imposed barriers? 

This is the 2nd book in the Lured by Fire series and it is a standalone with NO cliffhangers and a "happily ever after". It contains explicit language and sizzling hot scenes that might set your Kindle on fire. Intended for readers 18+. 


Shifter Erika Williams has a new life in a different town, but seems to be just as over worked and lonely as she was before.  It's about time she did something to get out if thus rut. 
Noah  Crosso is a very unusual shifter.  A type that is not supposed to exist. He left his own people behind because he doesn't agree with the way they live.  Something has drawn him to this area and it feels like home.
Our heroine is a shifter that we don't often read about.  Will she be brave enough to really enjoy life.  Our hero has real trouble with controlling his beast.  He is still learning about it. 
An unusual shifter romance with special characters.  A fascinating story. 


Aurora is a new paranormal romance author who likes to write steamy stories about hunky shifters who are brave enough to face the challenges life throws at them and the special brand of ladies they love and protect.

She intends to give other supernatural creatures a chance to be heard in the future, especially vampires and witches, so keep an eye out for those.

Always on the lookout for the next book idea, she daydreams and reads a lot when she’s alone, but loves to spend time with family and friends. Walking and eating chocolate are also high on Aurora’s priority list.

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