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Four Shots Neat (A Dana Cohen Mystery) by Rebecca Marks. Murder/Mystery ARC Review.

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A year after retiring from the NYPD as a decorated detective, and helping to solve two grisly murders in her home town on Long Island’s north fork, Dana Cohen’s life has settled down. She is trying to decide what she wants to do, now that her Alzheimer’s-stricken father will be in the Island Breeze Nursing Home for the rest of his life. But when old ladies at the nursing home start dying suddenly, Dana is called into service once again to help solve the murders. Complicating the issue is the new male nurse, Alex, to whom Dana is strongly attracted. As their relationship heats up so do Dana’s suspicions that her new lover may be the killer. 


Dana Cohen is a retired detective.  She retired because her father has Alzheimer's and she had be near him and look after his business.  When three of the women in the care home he is in die for no reason Dana decides to investigate. 
Our heroine has a lot of problems in her life and she is self medicating with Scotch.  There is a new man in her life but is he the killer?. 
A very exciting murder/mystery with great characters.  It is the second in a series but you can read as a stand alone.  Except that our cruel author leaves our heroine with a dilemma . I need to know what happens next. A very enjoyable book. 



I have always loved to write. I wrote my first (unpublished) novel at the age of 20, but it wasn't until many years later that I became serious about writing and publishing my fiction. My Dana Cohen Mystery Series deals with a woman who has retired at age 42 from her post as detective with the NYPD, and relocated to the North Fork of Long Island, where she thinks she is going to help her elderly father manage his winery. But she finds she can't stop solving mysteries. Book 1 is called: ON THE ROCKS.

Another great interest of mine is music. I have played all sorts of instruments since I was in elementary school: cello, oboe, guitar, piano. Two years ago I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and start playing the harp, which I have done ever since. 

Finally, I love dogs of all kinds. I have had Belgian Tervuren dogs since 1998. I show them in breed competition (and have shown two to their AKC championships - Flash and Moki). As my dogs are herding dogs, I have also taken lessons in sheep herding, and I have gone for years with my dogs to herd sheep in rural New Jersey.

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