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Dragons Heat. (Shifters Of Shadow Falls #6) by Crystal L.Shaw. ARC Review.

She’s never bowed to anyone, but he’s determined to have her on her knees. 

Kara Hart has lusted over Drago Arrington, a ripped and powerful dragon shifter, since he first looked down on her from his throne. With a war brewing, she chose to battle against his kind. That meant staying away from the one man dominating her every desire - even though it’s left her completely at his mercy. When Drago has a chance to have this strong-willed spitfire’s complete submission, he makes her a deal she can’t refuse. Kara caves to the dark temptation warring within her and attempts to play a role she’s never dared to fantasize before.

Little does she know this contract is very much one sided. Drago needs an heir and he’s convinced Kara will give him exactly what he craves. It only takes one taste for him to realize she’s the greatest treasure he’s ever owned; he’s not letting her go.

When the sparks kindling between them ignites to flames, will Kara realize she’s playing with fire? Or will her struggle only end with her being the one to get burned?

Drago and his brothers are the last dragon shifters. Someone turns up at their castle saying that they have found a woman who could possibly be able to bear young for them, but they will need to take her. This could start a war between the dragons and the Authority.
Kara was taken by vampires and used as a blood cow. Now she has been given as a slave to the dragons. She would rather die than live as a slave.
This is a very sexy read with a BDSM flavour. Its part of the Shifters of Shadow Falls series but can be read as a stand alone.  It will certainly tease you into wanting to read the rest of the series.

I love fantasizing about sexy alphas who conquer without mercy and take risks without fear. There are always obstacles in life and love ranging and I enjoy exploring those struggles in my writing. Above all else, my strong heroines will prevail and love will conquer all. Always. 

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