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Bear it All.( McMahon Clan #2) By Rochelle Paige. ONLY 99c. + ARC Review.

The last thing Tahlia Griffen wanted to be was a stripper. But when the shifter council asks for a favor, stripping is the best way to get the job done. Only she ends up finding more than just bad guys on this mission.

Braden McMahon never expected to find his fated mate on stage at the Honey Pot. Now that he did, his bear is pushing hard to lay claim. And no one can see her naked. Ever.

Will Braden be able to stand by and let Tahlia do her job, even if it means she needs to bear it all

Tahlia is a lioness shifter and has been called up by the Shifter Council to work as an agent. This particular job is her working as a stripper in a nightclub,  hoping she can get the information the council needs.
Braden is a bear shifter and works on the council with his dad and brothers. When his dad call for him to go with him to get information from one of their agents he doesn't expect to find his mate.
This story moves so fast you don't have time to draw breath. Our heroine is a great character.  A real feisty woman, who doesn't put up with anyone pushing her about. Our hero has a real problem using his big head brain instead of the one in his little head. His bear keeps him very on edge.
A good fun read.

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