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Bearly Breathing . Bearly In Control, & Bearly Interested ( The New Hampshire WereBears) by KIM FOX. My Reviews

The first in a new Bear shifter series.
Conner  has opened a wilderness retreat with Kayaking as the main attraction.  He is a Kodiac bear shifter so needed to employ only other bears to help run his resort. How he got stuck with the tow he picked is his story to tell.
Rebecca won a weekend kayaking from the local radio station.  She bullies her two best friends into coming with her.
The happenings of the weekend are much better described by our author. Suffice to say every one of the six people involved learned important lessons.  Even super intelligent Angie and the posh Senator's daughter Grace.
I loved all of these characters.  The book is full of fun and adventure despite being a quick read.


This is the second book in the series.  You must read them in order.
Edwin has spent most of his life living in his bear form.  Until Conner found him and gave him a job. Edwin is still learning to control his bear, but he must. Because now he has to go into the city to meet his mate's father.
Grace is a Senator's daughter.  She has every material thing a girl could wish for. So long as she tows the family line. Her father wants to be president.
I don't normally give short stories five stars, but this series is just so much fun. Our bears just so lovable and sexy.


Angie is a highly intelligent career girl. There is the promise of an incredible job waiting when she finishes her project.  She has not got time for the big bear shifter who says they are mates.  
Sidney is getting restless without his mate. If she won't come to him he will have to go to the city and get her. 
Another fun filled story.  These bears certainly know how to look after their women. I am hoping there is more to come in this series.  

Remember girls a man doesn't have to be a billionaire or even super intelligent, he just has to love you with all his heart.
Oh and if he is a big sexy bear shifter all the better.


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