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This is the 3rd story from the Darkworld: Skin Walker series.

This book starts with a vey beautiful funeral, That might seem a strange thing to say , but everything about it was lovely.. After that it kicks into high gear.

Our heroine Kailin and her friend Lily are going to the land of the wraiths to rescue Anjelo and Kailin´s mum .When they get there they are in for some suprises, and an epic journey. Things don´t go quite according to plan.
One rescue down ,one to go.Now Kailin must call on exrta tropos for the next stage. She has many friends with different and amazing powers to help her.

This is a very good end to this part of Kailin´s adventures. It also gives us enough teasres to want to follw our girl and the others we meet into the next books. This series has only a sweet romance ,so it is suitable for readers of all ages.

Excerpt “When I get back, I’m going to make sure you know exactly how you make me feel.” “And how exactly do I make you feel?” I whispered, our mouths inches from each other. “Oh, you’ll have to wait until I return. But if you want an idea, its something along the lines that even when you’re weak and broken, you still manage to get my blood burning.” “Mmm. Is that a good thing?” “Definitely a good thing.” “I should get weak and broken more often, then.” He grabbed my ass and squeezed, simultaneously pressing me against his body, his arousal firm against my hip. “Don’t you get any ideas. I quite like my women in one piece, thank you.” More clattering from the kitchen made me grin. Logan released my butt and kissed me firmly on the neck before hurrying to the door. His woman indeed.



                 LOST SOUL.
            BY T.G.AYER.
 Darkworld Skin Walker. Series book #2
 This series must be read in order. This one follows on directly from the first. Our heroine Kailin must rescue her friend and her mother from the realm of the wraiths. She also has to find out  where her sister is and rescue her. Kailin's grandmother pops in and gives her some very useful trinkets. When a wound that Kailin received goes poisonous Logan uses his fire magic to lessen the symptoms.  The poison just subsides but then flares up again. That will not stop her from fighting and killing the demons that need killing.
 Very exciting non stop action.  Some new characters both good and very bad ones. The sweet romance is coming along nicely.

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. Kailin is a skin walker. That means she can transform herself into a panther.  She has left her alpha father's colony to live in the city. She works as a youth councillor . The people she works with have No idea of the "others"  that share the world with them. Kailin also hunts Wraiths.  They are soul sucking demons. Logan is a Fire Mage, who works for Omega.  That is a police force that deals with "special "cases.  When Someone dumps a skinned body on Kailin's doorstep and shoots her,  she finds herself with too much attention. Both Kailin  and Logan must work to find who is targeting the skin walkers.
 This book drew me in from the first page.  There are lots of twists and turns, with non stop action.  The romance is innocent but very important to the story. All sorts of magical happenings and incredible fights. Suitable for any age group. 


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