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Magic Fire (Shifting Magic #1) by Catherine Vale. Paranormal Romance/Fantasy. Release & ARC Review.

They're the most unlikely duo you could imagine. After all, what could a fiercely independent Fae possibly want with a stubborn dragon who seems to think he needs to protect her?  Okay, sure, Darius is spine-tingling sexy shifter with a wicked sense of humor, not to mention that cocky smirk on those deliciously perfect lips that can't seem to stop smiling at her...

But Kaye isn't that kind of girl.  She is a powerful fairy, and the last thing she wants is to be burdened by this mysterious stranger, even if he does insist that her life is in danger.

Who does he think he's dealing with?  Kaye doesn't need protection from anything, and even if she did; she can certainly handle herself. Or, so she thinks.  But when the dark shadows nip at her heels, and evil curls its inky fingers around her world, threatening to destroy everything she loves, she might just change her mind. That is, if it's not too late.

Her only hope of survival may lie with the one man she doesn't want, but can't seem to forget her dragon.


Kaye is having a weekend away with her Fae friends enjoying the open air,  so different to New York city.  Up in cave in the mountain she meets a dragon shifter.
Darius is a dragon shifter who specializes in security work.  He is insisting that Kaye is in grave danger.  He is soon proved right.  
The magical battles will have you trying to hide under the wing of a big strong dragon.
This is a YA fantasy story with lots of magical beings.  Our heroine has a lot to learn, mainly about herself.  Our hero is under a curse that stops him using a particular power.
This is the first book in the series and lays the rules for the battles still to come.
A fun read. 


NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling Canadian author Catherine Vale loves to write about curvy gals, and guys with growl. From urban fantasy tales of magic and mayhem, to paranormal romance where guys sprout fur, and gals aren't afraid to bite, Catherine loves to write edgy, interesting and unique stories for her loyal readers.

When she isn't lost in one of her extraordinary worlds of magic and shifters, you can find her watching Scandal, spending time with her family, and dancing with the girls to 80's rock.

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