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Love Bleeds Blue (Passion Patrol #4) by Emma Calin. Romantic Suspense Release & ARC Review. ONLY 99c

A London girl cop, a violent political crisis, an instant decision. One moment of courage to catch the destiny of history.
When single mother Sergeant Sophia Castellana stumbles into a terrorist shooting, things are not as they seem. Global forces beyond her grasp sweep her up into an audacious scheme to re-unite a world in chaos. The love of a far younger man, the infatuation of a charismatic woman leader seduce her into a blur of inappropriate love and infinite danger. Power and celebrity beckon, betrayal and violence threaten every move as events unfold in the city of Paris. Her brute courage and loving woman’s heart confront ruthless enemies who offer no second chances. She knows the streets, she knows her power as a lover. Can she, dare she seize the prizes before her? Will a world offer her the choice?


Sergeant Sophia Castellana is just a normal Metropolitan police officer who finds herself thrust into a crazy situation.  Her truly heroic action could change the future of world.  A divorced mother of a teenage daughter should be at home nights eating a curry, not putting her life on the line.  I will not give you the hero's name because it might spoil the story. 
This book has such an incredible story line. It is so far fetched it makes you believe it could really happen.  I love the way our author makes fun of all the political figures. There are lots laughs and hot sexy scenes,  but also a few tears and emotionally charged moments. 
It is the third book in a series but easily read as a stand alone.  We do meet some old friends from the other books.
A real madcap adventure.  I loved it. 

For the two weeks following the launch there is a Rafflecopter sweepstake link in the back of the book, to win a brand-new Kindle Fire 7" Tablet worth $50 (gift card equivalent alternative in countries where product not available).

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Emma Calin was born in London in 1962. She currently lives in France and the UK.

She has been writing since childhood and has won numerous local, national and international prizes for poetry and short stories. 

Emma currently writes action romance novels and gritty short stories in digital e-book, paperback and audio book formats. She has recently announced a series of illustrated children's modern-day fairy tales - the 'Once Upon a NOW' series, which includes 'ALF THE WORKSHOP DOG', 'ISABELLA'S PINK BICYCLE' and 'KOOL KID KRUNCHA AND THE HIGH TRAPEZE'.



  1. Petula, thanks so much for featuring my brand new book on your great blog. I was delighted when I spotted your review on Amazon yesterday - I'm so pleased you enjoyed the story. It was a fun book to write and until the first reviews arrive it's always a worry that no one else will appreciate the humour. I'm glad you did! My official launch party for Love Bleeds Blue is tomorrow, 3rd April on Facebook - it's an open event so please pop over and say hello. There will be background snippets from the book, a video reading and of course, prizes to be won! All comers welcome.... it's 8-9pm (London time) on this link:
    Thank you again for your lovely feature. Emma x

  2. It was my pleasure. I absolutely loved it.


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