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Release Day; Knight Storm by Ria Cantrell .


I was lucky enough to recieve an A.R.C. of this book . That will not colour my review in any way.

This book is a prequel to the Celtic Storm series.
Lady Rhianna is worried about her missing brother. Her second sight seems to telling her he is still alive, but she also can't feel her usual connection to him. He has been missing for three months. Because Lord Randall has been missing so long the King has commanded that Erick one of his best knights go to the keep and marry Rhianna to help to secure the area. Erick is devastated, he is a very honourable man and will keep his marriage vows. He had always wanted to marry for love. He has heard that the Lady Rhianna is an old woman who is known to practice witchcraft. Once Erick finds he was totally wrong in his assumption he must try to win her over to the idea of marrying him. Rhianna is not happy to give up control of her home. A neighbouring Lord has set his sights on having Rhianna for himself. He has already been denied because he is the ugliest and most vile person around. He dabbles in black magic and tortures people for fun.

This book is full of action, humour and mild magic. The characters are so believable and interesting. Some sexy scenes and lots of fun.The final showdown with the evil Lord was EPIC I loved it, so exciting. I was personally hoping for a flakier up book with Drew's story but because of the epilogue I don't think that will happen.

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