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Laced With Magic by Barbara Bretton.

 This is the 2nd story from the Magical town of Sugar Maple. A town where all the inhabitants are supernatural.
  The woman who is the mayor is our heroine Chloe, half human half witch. It is her powers that have to protect the town from discovery, or a dangerous fae. Chloe runs a shop that is famous in the knitting community. She gives lessons and sells everything any knitter could want. Luke is Chloe's human lover, sent to the town a few months before by the state capital to be the town's acting chief of police. He is coming to terms with his town having people that are werewolves,Vampires,trolls and fairies. For Chloe he will cope with it. Luke hasn't told Chloe all he should have about his past. Karen is Luke's ex-wife, she is being haunted by their dead child. She is convinced that little Steffie is urgently trying to speak to her.

 This is a really fun read, but you need to have read the first story or you will not understand the town. For all of us who love knitting there is some bonus bits at the back of the book
. Laced with Magic

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