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Crave, Tales of Vampire Romance.

I was lucky enough to recieve an A.R.C. of this ,but that does not colour my review in any way. As this is a boxed set from different authors I have reviewed each story separately.  

BEHOLDEN,  By Marian Tee.
This is obviously part of a series,  and I think you need to have read the previous books to get the full story.
Zari is a human "Pet" taken into the care of Lord Alexandru after her parents disappeared. Alexandru has sent Zari to what is basically a finishing school for Vampire Pets.
There is trouble about and the visions Zari gets make a big difference to the outcome. 
The relationship between Master and Pet is a little one-sided for my liking. I'm afraid I prefer my heroines with a spine.

By Tabitha Conall.
The Colliding World's Series. 

This book is part of a series, but reads easily as a stand alone.
All the different factions on earth are looking for a World Walker , to gain influence when the other realm collides with earth prime..The  werewolves send out Jennalynn.  While she is searching she meets the vampire who is after the same person. Antonio has been sent on this mission which unknown to him is to end in his death.

This book definitely makes me want to find and read the series it comes from. All the characters are interesting.  Our heroine is a real kick ass chick. She has to rescue her man more than once. The relationship between them has much more to come, and I will be reading about it. Marvellous taster of what must be a good series. 

Rise of the New Shifters.
This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.
The world has recently found out that shape shifters live among them, thanks to a magazine reporter. 
Lilian calls on this reporter for help with an investigation she is working on. Lilian is a P.I. and a werewolf.  She was called to help solve a strange murder. The Killer was a child, recently turned vampire. Lilian wants the magazine to ask for any vampire sightings, although humans don't know they are real.
Isaac is an outcast vampire who is told finding the vampire who fed on and turned the child will allow him back into the good graces of the Cabal. He quickly realizes that a shifter is also hunting his target.
They team up to use all resources for the common goal.

This book has a good storyline, and interesting characters.  The author has changed a few vampire " rules" and gets very descriptive.  The details of the shifter's changing process is quite gory. This series is adult, the sex scenes are hot. The fights are graphic. 

This book is I believe a stand alone. It is set 250 years in the future.  In a world that suffered devastation in world war 3 . Although space travel is possible not many humans know that vampires are among them.
VAL Knight is a vampire who refuses to feed from humans and survives on synthetic blood. She works the night shift at cop central as a detective.  Just as she picks up a nasty murder case involving prostitutes her boss assigns her a new partner.
Devon has transfered from another city, because he doesn't want anyone to notice that he has not aged. He is also a vampire, but keeps a woman at home for his needs.

This is a good crime story with differences. I couldn't understand the reason behind it being set in the future.  Unless it is going to be a series.  As vampires working to bring human monsters to justice they do have some (unfair ) advantages. I would read more of them.

A Miserable Love series. 
Claudia D. Christian.

I'm sorry but I did not finish this one. I just couldn't get my head round it. The rules of this "world" and the complicated character relationships.

Sam is a very curious fairy. Flying around giving fate a helping hand, and watching with fascination the things humans do.
Zeph is the first grown up to be able to see Sam. He is helping the same woman that Sam is pointing in the right direction.

This story is so much fun. I particularly liked Sam's encounter with the cat. I was giggling while reading it. I was surprised to find out just what Zeph was.
An absolute joy to read.

Myra is applying for work as a blood courtesan .It's the only way she can think of to raise enough money to save her mother.  Her mother has cancer and her treatment is expensive. 
The world knows about vampires. To be a blood courtesan Myra has to agree to have sex with a vampire and allow him to feed from her.
Kristos is the vampire the madam sends her to. He is known to be gentle with his food. Bullets start flying during their first meeting.
They assume that Kristos is the target, but it's Myra. 
They go from one dangerous situation to the next, trying to find out who is behind the problem..

A very good, sexy story. Lots of fast paced action with a good amount of humour.  Some scary parts flexible poor Myra. 
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