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How To Seduce A Queen. by Stella Marie Alden. ARC Review.

Year of our Lord 1283 

In the light of the early dawn, Lady Fay traverses her parapet wall and waits with bow drawn taut. Only when she realizes the group of men who exit the Saxon rowboat are tonsured does she allow herself to breathe. She need not shoot another of King Alexander’s suitors. At least not today. With a wicked grin, she lets go the bowstring, and the arrow makes a perfect arc to land directly in front of the one in the lead. She isn’t so fond of priests, either. 

Nicholas Bruce jumps when the barb lands within inches of his sandaled feet. The former queen of the Isle of Man is just as beautiful and deadly as he remembers. Suddenly, he is not so certain that this holy disguise will work. Surely she’ll remember him, the bastard grandson of the mighty Earl of Annandale. But what choice does he have? If he wants to survive, he needs to bed her, and soon. 

Nicholas is a bastard but that just means he is completely tied to his father and grandfather, and must do as they command. His grandfather is the fifth Earl of Annandale and although only a steward to King Edward he has high ambitions. He will use his grandson to claim a throne.
Lady Fay is the daughter of the last King of the Isle of Man. She was raised in the Scottish court by King Alexander. Now back on her  Isle of Man she has refused to marry the men Alexander has sent. Shooting her arrows at any who dare to come for her. But things are not going well on her Island and she is in grave danger. 
This is a strange romance between two people who seem to have everyone out to control or kill them. If something can go wrong it will. It doesn't help when there are so many lies being told.
Good historical fun and adventure. I loved it.

Amazon Best Seller Stella Marie Alden loves Zumba, yoga, watercolor painting, and all genres of romances.

Her first book, ‘How to Train Your Knight’, won Romance Writers of America coveted Molly and Show me the Sparks Contests, and placed in four others. 
Truly remarkable, considering she’s only been writing for three years.

Growing up in Vermont, she loved to make up stories. Crayons fought each other over size and placement in their cardboard box and imaginary friends crowded the house. Her brother often complained. “Tell her no one’s here, Mother.". 

Her career paths have varied. She’s been a librarian, a classical clarinetist wanna-be, recording studio engineer, broadcast electronics repairman, and now she architects software programs.

She lives in Bergen County, NJ with her life-long hero and their two cats. Her two girls are grown but ever supportive. You go Mom!



  1. Hi! Stella here! I can't thank you enough for sharing my romance on your wonderful site! I love the color scheme, the pictures, and the premise! For inside, we are all warriors!

    1. It is totally my pleasure. I loved your book and look forward to reading more.


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