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Hell´s Chapel & Hell´s Gates.(Caith Morningstar Series ) by Lauren Creed. Reviews.

She’s Caith Morningstar: bar owner, leather wearer, shoe worshipper, werewolf, Orlando’s resident ass kicker and… Satan’s niece.

In the tween—between On High and Hell—Caith has three rules: order, secrecy, and if you can’t manage that at least have a little discretion. Wait, make that four: no one screws with Caith or her stuff. Orlando—land of that famous mouse—is her home and people are either gonna get in line or get the fuc- heck out.

Except someone didn’t get that memo. Or, they have a death wish. Either way, she’s gonna bust out her bat and smash some heads. She’s got zombies demolishing her home, vamps chasing her, and on top of the normal violence in her life, she’s quickly falling for an angel. Satan’s niece and a goody-two-shoes angel! And don’t even get her started on corralling her five fathers while trying to keep them from interfering with her life.

Caith can handle the blood, gore, and frustration, but can she deal with the pain of loving the angel Samkiel? Probably not, but she’s gonna try anyway.

Caith Belinha Morningstar is a very powerful woman. Her mother is the sister to Lucifer the king of Hell,  so she gets her demon powers from her. However she also has five fathers. I will let you read the book to discover how that happened and who they are. I will tell you that they are each powerful but good men.
Cait is in charge of Orlando.  Any supernatural being that gets out of line has to answer to her. They don't all like that and some give her trouble. Her complicated family dynamics also give her more than her share of headaches.
Samkiel the Angel of Destruction has suddenly appeared in her town.  What can the sexy goody goody possibly want with her ?
This is the first of a new series.  Our heroine is one kick ass super bitch, with a soft heart for those she loves. It is an action packed story with lots of danger and more than a few tears. I would say the sex scenes are suitable for YA readers.
A great fun read that will have you begging for more.

I’m Caith Morningstar: bar owner, leather wearer, shoe worshipper, werewolf, Orlando’s resident ass kicker and… Satan’s niece. 

Orlando—land of that famous mouse—is on day three hundred sixty-two of my demon ban and life is… boring. Until a demon finds a way around my magical blockade with a new demonic drug. Now humans are getting high and disappearing while tweeners—magical beings that live in the land between On High and Hell—are grinding on my last, violent nerve. When my son is infected with the evil taint, I realize this demon has forgotten my rules: order, secrecy, discretion, and don’t screw with me or my stuff. 

Bryony is mine. Orlando is mine. This dem’s head? It’s gonna be mine, too. 

But, as much as I want to deal with this alone, I can’t. I have to face Samkiel—my fallen angel mate I lost to evil. On High has given him back some of his angelic mojo and I need his purifying hand to cleanse human souls, his help tracking down the local dealer, and him at my side when we locate the dem determined to get his claws into the mouse’s house. 

I lost Sam once and survived. The question now is whether I can survive losing both of the men I love most? Or rather, will the world survive? 

Cait Morningstar has has a boring year since she banned all the demons from her town of Orlando.  That all changes when her adopted baby son is suddenly taken ill.  His illness is the first of many all falling victim to a demon produced drug.  Cait must find the culprit to save not only her son but the tweeners and humans that live in her town. 
Samkiel turns up to help just when he is most needed. He has a serious battle of his own to cope with, but he must help Cait. 
Another action packed story, full of fights and emotion. You can't help but get drawn into to the emotional battles that our characters.  This is an easy series to get addicted to. You must read them in order or you will not understand the family dynamics. 
I loved it.

This is Celia Kyle’s first foray into urban fantasy as Lauren Creed. What’s the difference between Celia’s urban fantasy as Lauren and her rocking shifters?

Well, the chicks are still sassy, still curvy, and pretty kick ass. But with urban fantasy, the world really DOES revolve around her and the ass kicking includes things like swords, knives and the occasional bomb. There’s a guy hanging around somewhere who is totes hot, but he’s there to look pretty, provide a little muscle, get down and dirty without a lifelong commitment. And he’s hot. Did she mention hot?

Basically: lotsa blood, lotsa gore, lotsa chick saving the world combined with a fanatical love of shoes and a totally bangin’ ass.

Hell’s Chapel: The Orlando mouse’s house is filled with demons and she’s just the bitch to keep ’em in line.


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