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Vega Brothers Hannibal, (The Bear Shifters Of Vega Ranch #4) by Kim Fox. ARC Review.

Montana's Most Eligible Bachelor and bear shifter, Hannibal, is losing his mind. His face has been plastered on the cover of the country's most popular newspaper, his three brothers are pressuring him like mad to get married, and he has crazed, money-hungry women banging down his door. He doesn't want a mate and everywhere he looks, people are trying to shove one down his throat.

BBW, Mikki, has just settled down in the spectacular town of Colwood, Montana. She has a job that she likes at the bar in town and everything is going perfectly for the first time in a long time until she makes an innocent suggestion to the hot, frustrated bachelor who walks into her bar. He takes her pretend engagement suggestion as an invitation and her nice, new life gets flipped upside down on her head.

Hannibal and Mikki's fake engagement begins to grow into something more, but is it acting or are the feelings real? And with the military threat from the Vega brother's past coming to a head, will any of it really matter?

This is the last book in the paranormal bear shifter romance series: The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch.
No Cliffhangers. HEA. 18+

Hannibal is the last of the Vega brothers,  he must find a mate before the end of year. Because he isn't even trying the girls decide to advertise him on line.
The whole town finds this hilarious. He is a most eligible bachelor. The possible partners start coming out of the woodwork.
Mikki works in the local bar. She has been avoiding her father for years. Anyone she has made friends with has disappeared.  When Hannibal needs to stop all the crazies from following him Mikki comes up with a good idea.
This is the last of the Vega brothers to find a mate.  (but not the series) It is the funniest because this brother is the cleverest and knows how to get others to do what he wants.
There is also the danger from the commander of the Special Shifter Squad. He is a human who thinks he can control the shifters by threatening their mates.
I am totally in love with all the Vega brothers, each has his own special charm. This one is very clever and can see the problems that face them, and can see a way around them. I look forward to reading about the the new crew that have been introduced.

A hot, new paranormal romance writer who loves Werebears and the tough, BBW that can handle them. 

Her latest series is Smokejumpers: Werebear (Bear Shifters of Flathead Forest) a cast of fun, lovable and sexy smokejumping shifters. Each book focuses on a different member of the crew and the women that they fall for. 

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