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Mate Of A Dragon Villain, (Skeleton Key) by Mandy Rosko. ARC Review.

Skeleton Key Book Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

Danger. Deception. A wold shattering skeleton key.

Amanda always had a soft spot for the bad boys in her romance novels, she never expected to fall for the villain, of course.

After a mysterious skeleton key transports Amanda into a land of dragons, battles and gorgeous heroes, the only thing she wants is to go home. Until she's rescued by the villain, and shares a kiss that makes her ache in ways she's only ever written about. Going back to the real world suddenly isn't so high on her priority list, especially when the handsome villain claims she is his mate.

Hargreave is out for revenge for his slain family when a strange woman falls from the sky, and without another thought, he drops everything to save her.

His enemies conspire against him, and it will take everything Hargreave has to rescue his woman from their clutches. When Amanda claims to be from another world, he doesn't know if he can believe her, because believing her will mean sending her back...

Amanda Roberts is an author who writes paranormal /fantasy romance. She is struggling with some of the characters in her series, they will not behave the way she wants them to. While she is thinking heavily on how to make them behave she finds a skeleton key. When she foolishly tries to find where it fits she ends up in her own story.
I love the idea of this book. I can think of many authors who would be just as terrified as our heroine if they fell into their story world. Especially when the characters are not quite how she wrote them. She has landed in a dangerous war torn zone and the villain in her story is the one she falls for. Has this world been created by her or have visions of this world given her the story? 
Really great fun. A wonderful twist to a fantasy romance. I loved it.

USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy Rosko lives as a hermit and she works in Ottawa, Ontario. Every once in a while she peels herself away from writing and Internet surfing to socialize with real people. She loves videogames, Sailor Moon, and her dog.

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An innovative and collaborative collection of fantasy stories, each with a Happily Ever After.

One magical key.
The turn of a lock.
An adventure of a lifetime.

The Skeleton Key finds those who are brave enough. Curious enough. Crazy enough. It only needs an unsuspecting hand and inconspicuous door. Magic uncoils and where the door leads, no one knows. The one way to discover the truth is to step through into a world of the exotic and untold.

If you dare to dream the impossible...
Prepare yourself.
Unlock the Skeleton Key adventures.

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