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Courageous Heart. (The Von Wolfenberg Dynasty #2) by Anna Markland. ARC Review.

Lute von Wolfenberg is the carefree middle son of the family with no responsibilities, but no prospects either. Obliged to fight in the army of the Holy Roman Emperor in a foreign war, he struggles to hold on to his sense of humor and optimism amid the betrayals and atrocities of the campaign. He finds himself drawn to Francesca di Cammarata, niece of the Emperor's arch enemy, Roger of Sicily. 
She is an arrogant princess brought up in the lap of luxury whose duty lies in thwarting the imperial troops, but she cannot deny her feelings for Lute. 
The conflict will test their loyalty to country and family

Luther Von Wolfenberg  along with his brothers have spent months travelling down from Germany to Italy to claim land in the name of their Holy Roman Emperor . None of them really want to be there but must do their sworn service. Lute has turned out to be a better soldier than he expected and has risen in the ranks.
Francesca di Cammarata is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She has taken shelter in a town that is just going to be over run by her uncle's enemies. She could be in terrible danger if the conquering army find out who she is.
This is a historical adventure romance. It's part of a series (Family saga) but easily read as a stand alone. Our hero is normally a happy go lucky man, but war has made him grow up fast. The woman who is the first to really stir him is one he cannot have. Our heroine is a very brave young woman with a talent for healing that has changed her life more than once.
A fascinating insight into the ways of war, life and death in 1137AD.  Our author has a way of making you really relate to her characters and understand the difficulties they face. A really enjoyable read.

Anna Markland is a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. She writes medieval romance about family honour, ancestry and roots. Her novels are intimate love stories filled with passion and adventure. Following a fruitful career in teaching, Anna transformed her love of writing and history into engaging works of fiction. One of the things she enjoys most about writing historical romance is the in-depth research required to provide the reader with an authentic medieval experience.


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