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Starstruck Shifter.+Rockstar Shifter ( Celebrity Bears #1+#2.) By Kim Fox. My Reviews

Mason is an action star on the tail end of his career and the good roles are getting as scarce as his disappearing paychecks. His agent wants him to date his hot coworker Gisella to boost his image but his bear has other plans when he bonds with Joni, the new intern on the set of his latest blockbuster movie.

Joni is a self proclaimed dork. Well actually, everyone else proclaims it. She is thrilled when she gets a job on the set of a movie featuring Mason Maloney; her lifelong crush with the perfect abs that she's drooled over since puberty. But will she be able to handle it when the hot bear shifter unexpectedly turns his attention on her?

But not just the movie and their hearts are on the line. Something very important to Mason is relying on the success of this film. Will he be willing to give up his newly found mate or will everything he’s worked for come crumbling down?

Standalone Book. No Cliffhanger. HEA.

Mason Maloney is an action star getting past his prime.  He is also a Bear shifter. Even though he would rather retire to his cabin in the woods, he has commitments that mean he must make this new (awful ) movie a success. 
Joni is film school graduate, working on a proper movie  set for the first time. She is so excited that the star of the film is her all time hero.
This book is a lot of fun. Our wonderful hero is feeling down until he spots a beautiful young woman  across the set. Joni is nothing like all the Hollywood starlets. She has to rely on her brain. She has of course like nearly everybody in Hollywood written her own movie script.
Lots of great new characters for us to fall in love with. I can't wait to read the next in this new series.


Bear shifter Eddie’s romantic music has been played during first dances at weddings and in the background of candlelit dinners for years. But his wild indiscretions offstage are beginning to hurt his image. His fivesomes and sixsomes after his show are tainting his romantic image and his popularity is starting to slip. In an attempt to salvage his career, his agent Rich, hires an uptight, control freak PR agent for him. He wants nothing to do with her but his bear has other plans. 

Public relations agent Ariana just landed a big client. The overly cautious Ariana has backup plans for her backup plans and will not act unless she’s investigated, researched and reflected on every possible scenario. So when she accidentally gets drunk and acts inappropriately with her new client at a Hollywood party her carefully laid plans go out the window. 

These two opposites collide when they have to work together to change Eddie’s image and it gets even worse when his bear sticks his big head into things and bonds with Ariana. Will Eddie be able to drop his playboy ways for his new mate? Will Ariana be able to throw caution to the wind and take the dangerous path for once in her life?

Eddie Jackson is a rockstar. Even if his music isn't selling as well as it used to, he is still enjoying all the benefits of his fame. His inner bear is not so happy, he desperately wants a mate. His agent is not happy with his off stage antics  and has hired a PR agent to help get him back on top.
Ariana Green is all set to get this rockstar back in favour with his audience. He must follow her five phase plan. OK so maybe she is a little OCD every thing must be planned out to the last detail. She has her own life plan, and follows it to the letter.
You couldn't get two more opposite characters than our main protagonists in this story, but when you add the bear his choice always wins.
I giggled my way through this.  Eddie's bodyguard had me in stitches. I could really "see" him and how he was acting. This is the second book in the series, but reads easily as a stand alone. The character the books have in common is the Shark Shifter agent. I will enjoy meeting the rest of his clients.


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