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Grandma Must Die. ( A Touch Of Magic Series) by Maureen L. Bonatch. My ARC Review.

Carman has worn out more towns and last names than impractical shoes protecting the secret of her magic blood. But when a friend goes missing, and another is infected with a deadly spell, Carman must choose. Expose her magic blood by curing the spell—or stop the infection from spreading by killing the source…the grandmother.

Magic bounty hunter Dylan has scoured libraries of banned magic paraphernalia seeking a method to distinguish genuine witches from impersonators. He suspects unorthodox librarian Carman might hold this information tighter than the hair he’s dying to unleash from her bun. With a past as hidden as his sleeve of tattoos, Dylan discovers he’s been used to gain Carman’s trust and their passion risks more than mixing mortals and magic.

A hair raising magical romance.
This author's world knows about those with magic blood. Of course as soon as the mortals found out, they  destroyed and confiscated as many magical artefacts as they could get their hands on.
Some witches and spell casters still live in hiding, because many are arrested and never seen again. 
Carman is a witch but has never been able to cast proper spells. Her mother is paranoid about hiding the fact that they are witches.  She works in what is called a library.( not as we know them)  In the vault, in the basement are some very powerful magical artefacts.  Carman also has someone she loves dying from a wicked spell. She is determined to save them.
Dylan is a mortal with a fascination for all things magical.  He works for the Magical Bounty Hunters it's his job to find those who are using illegal magic.
Things are about to change for both of them. The beliefs they had in the way they lived will be challenged, by the magic that surrounds them.
This book is marvellous fun. Lots of humour and hair raising spells. There is a little sex but lots of romance. Our heroine changes a lot during the story, and so does everyone round her. Our hero gets his whole world turned upside down.

This is the first book from this author for me . I will certainly be looking for more.


In most of my writing I like to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, maybe even a little magic. Then I add a dash of humor, because life shouldn’t be so serious ( Although I do enjoy throwing in the horrific, or heavily sarcastic, villian now and again, because that’s just fun).
I live in Pennsylvania with the love of my life, and wildly imaginative twin daughters.


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