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Fast and Furriest, ( Tiger Tails #1) by Celia Kyle. My ARC Review

Ladies, like a tiger’s stripes? Tug his tail and keep him forever! 

The wolves came first. Followed by the bears. Finally, lions decided to play in the spotlight, but the tigers have held off. Let everyone else get stared at. Ares was happy on his mountain with his pride while humans thought they knew all about the different shifter species. 

Their secret was safe…until her. One reporter took tigers from the shadows and thrust them into the limelight by releasing a picture of a tiger shifting. Specifically — him. (What could he say? A little moonlight, a little fur…) 

Now he has a town of stripe-hunting women looking for a tiger’s tail to pull and… a full moon on the horizon. 

Can he keep his tigers from being mated against their will? Better yet, can he forgive the one woman responsible for outing his species? Ares isn’t sure, but he’s willing to give it a shot. 

Part of the TIGER TAILS series: 
Fast and the Furriest 
You're Kitten Me (November 2015)

Ares is the Alpha of all the were-tigers nation wide. They have just been outed to the humans. Not only do the public now know they exist,  they have been told all you need to do to mate one is to pull it's tail. All this trouble was caused by the woman he wanted as his mate.
Zoe can't stand to be away from the gorgeous tiger who now hates her. She must prove to him and his pride,  that she didn't willingly betray them.
The whole town is overrun with humans trying to claim a tiger,  and tonight it's full moon when they will have to change.  Its Ares' job as Alpha to protect his pride mates from being taken against their will, preferably without eating any humans.
This is a very fast moving story. Lots of excitement,  plenty of laughs, even a few tears. The characters are fun and full of personality. There are a lot of hot sex scenes. I'm sure we will be reading a lot more stories based on this pride. I'm looking forward to them.

Celia Kyle would like to rule the world and become a ninja. As a fall-back, she’s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places.


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