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The King's Favorite (Daughters of Avalon #1) by Tanya Anne Crosby. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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The eldest of five daughters born to King Henry’s mistress, Elspeth fears she and her sisters will be used as pawns in the wars to come. When her sisters are wrenched from the Blak Montayne Priory that has sheltered them since Henry’s death, Elspeth alone escapes, only to find herself indebted to, of all men, a Scotsman, whose loyalties are in question… 
Left to face the wrath of a new sovereign, Malcom MacKinnon must swear fealty to Stephen of Blois in order to keep the demesne he won through the slaying of his own grandsire. But if he does so, he shall pit himself against Scotland, and even his own sire. Yet even as he realizes there is no turning back, his beautiful charge may offer him more than he anticipated. Will giving in to his passion bring nations to war?


Elspeth and her sisters are the illegitimate daughters of dead,  King Henry,  and have been kept in a monastery for years. Now their mother who is once again the mistress of the King,  has found a use for them.  If she can punish them at the same time,  that is a bonus. 
Mother and daughters are all "Daughters of Avalon" and have special powers.  The mother is extremely dangerous and evil.  The girls are innocent and are not used to using their growing powers. 
The time has come for a showdown.  The throne and many lives are at stake. 
Malcom MacKinnon is on special assignment for King Steven.  Many years before Malcom went against the wishes and politics of his family,  mainly so that he could claim his childhood home as his own. 
A young woman running from someone is about to turn his life upside down.  Danger,  he is used to facing but there is something strange is happening that will cause him to question everything he has ever believed. 
A magical story with fabulous characters,  and lots of excitement.  This is the first in the series and although you can read it on it's own , it will make you want to read the next.  I think you will have to read them in order.  A nice thick book that gives you plenty of time to get stuck in. 


Put a menu in front of me and I immediately don't know what I want. Fried green tomatoes with grits? Yep, OK. Fish? Sounds good, too. OK, so what are you having? I'll do that too. When it comes to shoes--forget it. I end up buying nothing because I can't make up my mind. Thank God I have a husband who has great tastes, or my closet might be empty. I'm one of those people who suffers from acute ambivalence given too many choices, but when it comes to what I wanted to do with my life, I've known that decidedly since the age of 12--and probably long before that. It all began once upon a time after a tonsillectomy, when the doc advised mom and dad they should reward me with anything I wanted (the key word here being anything). All I wanted was dad's typewriter. I got it, of course--a black, sporty Olympia I immediately set out to wearing the letters off the keys. So here I am all these years later, with sixteen books under my belt and a new one on the way ... still wearing the letters off keyboards ... and loving every minute. 

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