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Shadow of the Corsairs (Heart of the Corsairs, #3) by Elizabeth Ellen Carter. Historical Romance / Adventure. Release & ARC Review.

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The Past Casts a Shadow Over a Second Chance For Love….

Palermo, 1810

Morwena Gambino is struggling to keep her family’s business going against mounting troubles. Her widowed father, once shrewd, is now increasingly forgetful, letting debts mount and disavowing his sons. Morwena runs the shop behind his back, forced to hide her enterprise not only from her father but also her bitter older brother.

In Tunisia, Tewodros “Jonathan” Afua is struggling to stay alive. Once an Ethiopian prince, he is a captive of the corsairs who slaughtered his wife and children. When a US naval bombardment provides an opening for escape, Jonathan falls in with a seemingly deranged English pirate. Aboard Kit Hardacre’s rundown ship with its ragtag crew, Jonathan learns the real reason he was taken by slavers.

Reluctantly joining Hardacre’s crew, he meets Morwena in Palermo. The fiery young Sicilian woman is the opposite of his quiet reserve, but he is attracted to her despite mourning for his late wife. As he and Morwena grow closer, it emerges that they have something in common – secret betrayal by those close to them – and they must count what they’re willing to risk for a future together.


Johnathon Afua is looking for answers about who killed his family and had him enslaved.  His new friends are pirates who seem to be looking for the same people.  His memories are making it very difficult to leave the past behind and take the new life that is waiting for him.  Our hero is a wealthy man in his home country of Ethiopia,  but that is not a place he can face yet. 
Morwena  Gambino is working hard to keep her father's business running.  Her brothers have been forbidden to come home but her father is not well.  Our heroine is a clever,  organized woman,  but Sicily in the early 1800s is not an easy place to be a business woman. 
This book is part of a series,  you can easily read it alone but if like me you have read the others you will meet some great old friends.  There is a lot of adventure in this nice long book.  Plenty of time to really get into our character's lives.  Family tensions and danger are faced all the time. 
A very exciting story. 


Elizabeth Ellen Carter writes richly detailed historical romantic adventures. Her full length 3 book Regency era series Heart Of The Corsairs is released in 2017 and 2018 - Captive Of The Corsairs (July 2017), Revenge Of The Corsairs (November 2017) and Shadow Of The Corsairs (early 2018). Her other full length titles include the Roman era thriller Dark Heart, the medieval romantic adventure Warrior's Surrender, and the Regency titles Moonstone Obsession and Moonstone Conspiracy. Also available are the novellas Nocturne and The Thief Of Hearts.

A former newspaper journalist, Carter ran an award-winning PR agency for 12 years.

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