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The Pirates Duty (Regent´s Revenge #3) by Katherine Bone. Historical Romance Release & ARC review

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Innkeeper Oriana Thorpe is a smuggler’s daughter who has been hardened by a legacy she cannot escape. She has risked everything, including her safety, in her attempts to break free, going so far as to challenge her evil pirate brother, Charles, in order to save a lady and her maid from his wrath. Determined to atone for his villainy, Oriana distributes the blood money he left behind to widows and orphans living nearby. But when threatening letters promising retribution begin to arrive from Charles, she suspects one or more of her customers may be her despicable brother’s spies. Yet one haunted man promises to protect her, and she finds herself taking the greatest risk of all—falling in love. 

Captain Pierce Walsingham should have died when his ship was destroyed by the notorious smuggler Captain Carnage. Instead, Pierce was pulled from the water by the Robin Hood of Cornwall, a pirate known only as the Black Regent. In gratitude, Pierce accepts the Regent’s offer to take over the man’s role, allowing his name to be added to the list of the dead and vowing to protect the beautiful innkeeper who saved his sister Chloe’s life. Unfortunately, Oriana is also Carnage’s next of kin, and the smuggler has sworn vengeance against her and Chloe. 

While there is no cause dearer to Pierce’s heart than stopping Carnage, the task won’t be easy. Strategic allegiances have replenished his enemy’s power at sea, and he’s moving ever closer to enacting his revenge. Now Pierce must find a way to defeat Carnage, all while fighting his desire for the resilient woman who fiercely defends her roost. 


Oriana Thorpe is an Inn keeper on the Cornwall coast.  Her family have been wreckers and smugglers, but she is determined to help people instead.  Her brother is a murderer and a pirate.  He is likely to come after her because she betrayed him. 
Captain Pierce Walsingham is a "revenue man" who living under an assumed name until he can catch the man who sunk his ship, killing many of his men.  There is one place he should be able to find him if he can tempt him to go there. 
Our heroine is trying her best to look after the nearby widows and orphans with the help of a Lady whose life she saved.  She is always looking over her shoulder knowing her brother will kill her eventually. 
Our hero has many reasons to be distrustful of the known smugglers on the coast. 
An intriguing and swashbuckling story.  You will fall in love with the characters, especially the heroine.  Lots of fun and a lovely romance.  It is part of a series but easily read as a stand alone. 
I loved it. 

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