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Portal to Passion. Sci-Fi Romance. by Various Authors. My Reviews.

From alien princes to droids, to sexy dragon shapeshifters and handsome pleasure workers - this science fiction romance bundle has a little bit of something for everyone! 

WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Aurelia Skye & Juno Wells 
PARAGON by Aubrey Watt 
CURVATURE: PART 1 by Amber Stuart 
MY ALIEN PRINCE by Calista Skye 
RAZAR: BOOK 1 by Catty Diva 
HIS ONLY HOPE by Erica Conroy 
THE MORPH by JC Andrijeski 
RESURRECTED by S.M. Schmitz 
ALIEN PRINCE’S SOULMATE by Tessa Thorn & Juno Wells 
ALIEN GENERAL’S WIFE by Scarlett Grove & Juno Wells 

I haven´t quite finished the box yet ,but here are my reviews so far...

Written In The Stars

By Aurelia Skye & Juno Wells.


Jada Washington is suffering from an incurable degenerating disease. She has been using her blog to keep in touch with other women who have the same illness, but lately many have been disappearing.  No one seems interested in finding them.
Rylan Breese is an alien who is tracking a doctor from his planet who be believes is kidnapping the women.
Our sexy hero brings hope and adventure. But our heroine and the other  women are in grave danger of becoming nothing more than lab rats.
The start of the Dazon Agenda series.



by Aubrey Watt


Dr Chal  Davidson is a Neuroscientist, and professor.  She is kidnapped after a lecture by men from the MID Military Intelligence Department, and taken to a top secret laboratory. The work that is being done there pushes all ethical bounds to the extreme.
Alan will prove to be the best man she has ever met.
This is a strange story. Just a bit too technical for me. I didn't understand half of the details in the beginning of the book. Once they are on their own it got a lot easier.  Worth struggling through the difficult part.



by Amber Stuart. 


Hannah has grown up on the space station orbiting Earth. Its her birthday so she is taking her first trip down to the planet mainly to experience sex for the first time.
Xasper  is a professional pleasure provider, and a shapeshifter.  He is getting jaded and wants to take a break, but is asked to take on a V.I.P. She is more special than he expects.
This is part one of a serial, so just as it's getting interesting it ends. Grrrr.


My Alien Prince.

By Calista Skye. 


There is an alien space ship in Earth's orbit. They are from the Derigaz empire. Prince Tar'Shoc is the heir apparent, and he has asked for an ambassador to come to talks on his ship.
Jen Sullivan is the lowest ranking assistant  to the ambassador.  Her job is really no more than a gofer,  fetching and carrying for the boss. She is having a disastrous day. If anything can go wrong it does.
Prince Tar'Shoc and his empire has big, secret plans for this backward planet. It is his job to lull them into a false sense of security. But something is affecting his concentration, and he can't seem to keep control of his words. Is he I'll or going mad? 
This is a real giggle, full of pushy people and self serving diplomats. I will be on the lookout for this series.



 by Catty Diva.
This is the first in the Mating Games series.
Lista is one of the many women come from Earth to join the Mating Games. She is really only there for the money it pays.  She needs it for her family.
Razor's planet was once a penal colony so has far more men than women. They need to pay females from other planets to come and mate with them.
The planet holds many surprises not all of them good.
A very beautifully described world that could be nice to visit. I enjoyed this and will be on the look out for the series.


His Only Hope.

By Erica Conroy. 

This is Sci-fi but reads a bit like a wild west story.
The colonists have more or less invaded a planet. The natives don't use speech the use telepathy to communicate. That makes the war like colonists believe they are stupid.
Our heroine is special even among her own kind, and she has a task to perform to save the whole planet.
Our hero is a man who is hurting his heartache at the bottom of a bottle.
They will need to travel a dangerous path through hostile territory to carry out her task.
An enjoyable read.


The Morph 

By J.C.Andrijeski 

This is the first in the Gate Shifter series and is a full length book.
Dakota is working as bait to catch a violent rapist.  Things don't exactly go to plan. Just when things start to look really bad a stranger appears. Then things really go from bad to way, way worse.
Nik is not human, nor is he from our planet. He does try to leave Dakota behind but..... 
The dangerous adventure on the other planets will make Dakota wish for a but less excitement.
I was enthralled but confused (probably almost as much as our heroine)  reading this. We hardly get time to draw a relaxed breath anywhere in the story.
Real Sci-fi fans will love this.

I will finish the reviews of the rest soon.


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