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Bear Of The Midnight Sun.(Second City Shifters #1) by Lucy Lachance. ARC Review.

A no-nonsense werebear from the Arctic Circle. A perky werewolf from the Chicago Loop. Polar opposites, each looking for a fire to ward off winter’s chill... 
Maxim Chernov isn’t a man of half measures. After a string of personal tragedies, he left everything behind to become an arctic bush pilot. A rugged refrigerator of a man, he now spends his days content in solitude, delivering mail and supplies to the remotest corners of the Alaskan tundra. When he’s not piloting his ski-plane, or grabbing a drink in the tiny town of Yakutak, the gruff shifter roams the wilds in his other, more comfortable skin: that of a giant Kodiak bear. He’s not lonely, he reminds himself constantly; solitude suits him just fine. Some days, he almost believes it. 

Piper O’Malley, an up-and-coming young werewolf from Chicago, wishes her pack leader would recognize her real value to the organization. She struggles to climb the corporate ladder of urban shifter society, clawing her way toward more responsibility and more important assignments while putting her personal relationships on hold. One day she’ll find true love, she tells herself in between flight delays and full moons. Some days, she almost believes it. 

By the time Piper hitches a late night ride into Yakutak, she’s sporting nothing but her wits, her gear, and a hastily scrawled out contact: the name of a local bush pilot who’s supposed to be sympathetic to shifter causes. A small, remote silver mining operation—owned and operated by her pack—has gone completely dark, and unraveling the mystery could be Piper’s big break. Although eager to prove herself, she won’t get far without Maxim’s help. Together, this unlikely pair of shifters will face subzero temperatures and supernatural horrors in the Land of the Midnight Sun. While struggling to survive the coming storms, they might even kindle a new flame — in each other’s arms. 

This full-length, standalone novel is the first tale set in Lucy Lachance’s Second City Shifters universe. As you follow the blossoming of a steamy relationship between two breeds of shifters from two different worlds, expect urban fantasy flavor,no cliffhangers, and the HEA ending that romance readers know and love. 

Elements of this work were originally published in the short story Blizzard in Bearskin

Piper O'Malley is going on a special job for her pack alpha.Who also owns and runs a multinational company.   He needs her to find out what is happening at his mine in the wilds of Alaska. There has been no contact from it for weeks.
Maxim Chernov has been living in the the remotest part of the world he could find since his fiancée died. He makes a living as a pilot.  He is a grumpy Kodiak shifter,  and when the female werewolf turns up looking for him he knows it means trouble.
The shifters in this authors world have three forms,  human, wolf and war form which is half and half but huge and fierce.  Our protagonists will need all the strength and luck they can call on to complete their task. There is much more danger on the tundra than just snow and animals. This is an exciting, full length book with a great story line , a lovely sexy hero. and a kickass heroine. I enjoyed every page.


Lucy Lachance is an independent author specializing in paranormal and sci-fi romance. She's spent most of her life prowling around two savage gardens: the pristine wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the steel and concrete jungle of downtown Chicago. She forever seeks to share the magic of those exquisite worlds—and of exotic, imagined worlds across the galaxy—with her beloved readers.

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