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The Highlander's Demand (Highland Rogues #1) by Mary Wine. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Sometimes, men do the wrong thing…for the right reasons.

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Buchanan Mackenzie is a new laird, and he’s about to be tested. When his half-brother is killed,
he must seek vengeance or face the rage of his clansmen. Beyond spilling blood, fate offers him
another solution. Taking the daughter of his enemy will appease his angry men, but it leaves him
struggling to find peace over making a hostage of a woman.

What sort of man settles his disputes with a helpless woman?

Rhedyn Lindsey has been raised to shoulder her duty. For her kin and clan, she will make the best of a future that will be decided based on alliances. But she never expects it to come in the form of being taken as a hostage.

In an instant, her life is turned inside out. Perhaps for the best, though, for the alternative would have been to see her father's blood spilled. Now she’s at the mercy of a man who has every reason to hate her. Regardless of what fate throws her way, she won’t crumble. She’ll stand up to Buchanan Mackenzie. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she lacks courage.

Will Buchanan Mackenzie give in to the demands of his men who seek revenge for the death of his half-brother, or will he rely on the wisdom his beloved father taught him, and take his time in deciding what will happen to his beautiful captive-Rhedyn Lindsey-a woman who has captured his attention, respect, and quite possibly his heart?

Highland Rogues
Book 1 - The Highlander's Demand
Book 2 - The Highlander's Captive
Book 3 - The Highlander's Promise


Rheyden Lindsay knows she should marry the man her father has picked out for.  It's for the good of the clan.  A night out at a local tavern by her father could upset all his plans.
Buchanan MacKenzie only recently took over the lairdship after the death of his father.  There are some in the clan who want to take his place. 
He must not show any weakness when trouble is reported.  
A woman's lot in this era is to do as she's told and be used as a bargaining chip to settle scores.  Not all of them will put up with that.  
An exciting story with fabulous characters.  Our heroine is a strong and brave young woman with enough intelligence to find what she wants when the odds are stacked against her.  
A noble and honest hero trying to do the very best he can for his clan.  
I loved it.


Mary Wine has written over twenty novels that take her readers from the pages of history to the far reaches of space. Recent winner of a 2008 EPPIE Award for erotic western romance, her book LET ME LOVE YOU was quoted “Not to be missed…” by Lora Leigh, New York Times best-selling author.

When she’s not abusing a laptop, she spends time with her sewing machines…all of them! Making historical garments is her second passion. From corsets and knickers to court dresses of Elizabeth I, the most expensive clothes she owns are hundreds of years out of date. She’s also an active student of martial arts, having earned the rank of second degree black belt.

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