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Cougar Queen (The Velvet Vault Series #1) by Linny Lawless. Erotica Romance / BDSM Release & Giveaway.

New Release And Giveaway
╰☆☆ Cougar Queen ☆☆╮
The Velvet Vault Series Book 1 
Author: Linny Lawless
Genre: Erotica Romance / BDSM Romance
Cover Model; Chelsea Kristine
Cover Model: Brock Aaron
Photographer: Christopher John, CJC Photography

Cover Designer: Lee Ching, Under Cover Designs

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I’ve been searching for a woman like Kassandra all my life.
As my mistress, she brings out my true submissive nature.
I need her dominance over me and will surrender to her every command.
But I’m very protective and have a dominant side too. Will Kassandra let me be both for her?

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I released my grip on his cock.
A wet spot of pre cum appeared on the front of his pants.
My pussy was soaking wet as I slid my hands up his hard chest.
I ripped his shirt open, and the buttons clattered on the hardwood floor.
He grunted as I stroked the tips of my sharp red nails down his hard pecs to his smooth, rippled abs.
“Your body would be such a delight to torment and play with.”
I dipped my head and flicked my tongue across his left nipple.
He groaned. “Can I touch you, Kassandra?”
“No. Keep those hands behind your head. Like a good boy.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
I continued the assault with my tongue, tasting his warm skin.
I shoved my hand down the front of his slacks and grabbed his thick, hard cock.
“Oh, Aiden. You would fit so nice and tight inside me.” I began to stroke him— slow at first, then faster.
He squeezed his eyes shut. “I can’t hold back much longer. I’m going to come in your soft hand.”
I released his cock and slapped it. “You will come when I tell you to come. Understand me, boy?”

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