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Lord Misery (Beastly Lords #5) by Sydney Jane Baily. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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A hopeless, widowed viscount, and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. 

Book 5 in the "Beastly Lords" series is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

Jameson Carlyle Turner’s life has been topsy-turvy, from illegitimacy to titled nobility, from a single gambling man to a happily married husband. When bent steel and a horrific wreckage upend his world, he buries his beloved along with his heart and his happiness. 

Maisie Darrow understands grief all too well. She also knows the only way to get over it is simply to decide to do so. When she encounters the distraught viscount of Jonling Hall, everything inside her reaches out to help him. 

Jameson vows neither time, nor the warm attention of the ever-cheerful Miss Darrow, will wear down the walls around his shattered heart, for he knows he cannot survive another blow. 

Will Maisie give up when he pushes her away yet again? Or can she convince him to risk loving once more despite the swirling winds of uncertainty surrounding them? 

The Beastly Lords Series 
Book 1 - Lord Despair 
Book 2 - Lord Anguish 
Book 3 - Lord Vile 
Book 4 - Lord Darkness 
Book 5 - Lord Misery 
Book 6 - Lord Wrath 


Lord Jameson Turner has become almost a hermit since the tragic death of his wife.  He cannot put his obsessive love for her aside to rejoin society. 
Miss Masie Darrow has come to stay with her brother for a while.  She can spend more time with her favourite cousin for the season when they go to London. 
Our heroine is young woman who wants everyone to be happy.  She has a fascination with Shakespeare and often uses quotes from his works.  There is a man drowning in misery nearby so Masie will do all she can to save him,  even if he doesn't want to be saved. 
Our hero knows the only way to prevent his constant fear of hidden danger is to not care enough about anyone again. 
A lovely, emotional story with fabulous characters.  It's very easy to get caught up in the emotions of both of them,  and see that just maybe his late wife was nowhere near as perfect as he believes. 
This is part of a series but each book can easily be read on it's own. 
I loved it. 


Sydney Jane Baily completed her first novel at the tender age of 17. Thankfully, that manuscript currently resides in an undisclosed secure location. She went on to get B.A. degrees in English literature and in history, and an M.A. in literature with a concentration in Romanticism. During her career while continuing to write stories, she has been a copy editor, cat snuggler, proof reader, production editor, mother of two, website developer, indexer, and dog walker, among other things literary and not. 

While writing historical romance, she firmly believes in crafting happily-ever-after stories for an already challenging world. Born and raised in California, she currently resides in New England with her family—human, feline, and canine.

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