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Heart of Stone (Hearts of the Highlands #3) by Paula Quinn. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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She was like a living flame, an all-consuming fire, lighting up the way so he could find everything he'd lost!

When widowed Nicholas MacPherson, Earl of Rothbury, returns from a two-year pilgrimage and finds himself in desperate need of a governess for his son, the last person he wants to see at his door is Julianna Feathers, the lass he had loved since he was a child servant in her father’s castle. He doesn’t want her back in his life, but his son needs her. Soon, Nicholas realizes that he needs her, too. Her familiar smiles and the ease he feels when they speak—even to argue—becomes harder to resist. But he doesn’t trust love. Her love. Still, when she stirs the rubble in search of his heart, the heart she once knew, he is helpless to stop her.

Julianna Feathers once lived the life of the privileged, but that was before the Scots attacked her castle and killed everyone in it. Before her father’s debts left her penniless and without title. Before she married a monster. Dreams of the love of her youth gave her strength to run, to free herself and find him. She knows him as William Stone. She let him go once because she was a coward. But she has changed. She has grown up, and she wants him back…until she meets him and decides she doesn’t like the earl with his new name and the diamond-hard set of his eyes against her. But she sees him beneath the rocks and rubble and she resolves to help him find his way out. Falling in love with him all over again is the easy part. Being torn from his arms by an enemy from their past is something else entirely.

Will their love survive?


Julianna Feathers left the convent after her abusive husband died there. She's earning a living by writing and delivering messages.  There is a possibility that this latest message could be a chance at a good job.  Also she is hoping to find the one man she has loved her whole life, the one she sent away.
Nicholas MacPhearson has had a very hectic few years.  He found his brothers and lost his wife.  He did not handle that well.  Now he is home and his son is screaming in fear of him all the time.
This is a very exciting adventure.  The characters are strong and loveable. You will fall for them on the first page.  Lots of twists and turns and family complications give us plenty to enjoy.
There is a lot of back story that comes in previous books in the series.  I have read them so found this more enjoyable than I think it would be on it's own. 
I loved it. 


Paula Quinn is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of medieval, Scottish historical, and paranormal romance. To date, four of her books have garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly. She has been nominated for Storyteller of the year by RT Book Reviews and every one of her books from the Children of the Mist series have garnered Top Picks from RT Book Reviews. She also writes fantasy romance under the pen name of Genevra Thorne. 

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