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Dragon Star (The Lost Dragon Princes #1) by Anna Morgan & Emma Alisyn. A Powyrworld Urban Fantasy Romance. My Review.

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A beautiful dragon general. A vampyr rockstar with a double life. The traitor who reveals a decades-long secret hidden by the Dragon Court… 
Mateo uses his celebrity rockstar status to hide his secret life as a contract spy and killer. His latest assignment sends him to the heart of Patomas, the island of the dragon shifter court, to capture the First General herself. But he doesn’t expect attraction that hits him like lightening once he’s spirited her away… feelings of flight, freedom, and a heady desire he’s never before known. He’s a vampyr…

…so why does he feel like there is a beast inside him waiting to be set free?

Calla’s instincts are hardened from years of defending her queen’s rule from rebellious clans who believe dragons should rain fire and destruction on the lower, flightless races. And her instincts tell her that if she can turn her captor’s loyalty, he would be a valuable asset in their war. However, she recognizes the growing desire between them as something more than an inexplicable attraction between warriors…

… but how can a vampyr be her mate?

Welcome to Powyrworld, where dragons, wytches, and vampyrs battle for power and survival among humans while their ancient, demigod ancestors watch from afar, willing to step in and restore balance should any one conflict threaten the survival of the planet… 

The Lost Dragon Princes: The identities of the 5 missing Princes’ of the Dragon Court are finally revealed… 
Dragon Star by Anna Morgan. Vampyr rockstar prince meet beautiful dragon general. 
Dragon Claimed by Cecilia Lane. Dragon Court spy meets her match- and her mate- in a Shadow Mob boss.
 April 2017 
Dragon Blood by S.A. Ravel. A Thunderbird skinwalker seeks the help of a reclusive dragon wizard against the dark mage threatening their secret baby.
 May 2017 
Dragon Mob by Tiffany Allee May 2017 
Dragon Prince by Emma Alisyn May/June 2017 
Each title is a HEA standalone connected with the book before and after, but the series does not need to be read in order of publication.

These paranormal shifter, urban fantasy, romance books are for readers who enjoy fast-paced action, adventure with lots of magic, steamy love scenes and heroines who kick ass. Our heroes are alpha shifters who fight, growl, and kill for their mates—but never cheat or try to hold a girl back when her earrings come off. Each romance will be a standalone with a happily ever after, no cheating, no TSTL or miscommunication, and plenty of heart-pounding personal conflict.


Mateo Guerin is a rock star and a vampyr assassin.  He has started to feel restless and unsettled with his existence. The groupies that follow him around are of no interest to him.  The latest job his sire has sent him on links the two halves of his life. 
Calla Andris is the First General of the Dragon Court.  A warrior dragon shifter who has devoted her life to the service of her queen. 
There is a price on someone's head.  Who has more powyr the Vampyr or the Dragon?  An action packed story full of battles ,  intrigue and big surprises.  A marvellous kick ass heroine and a strong,  sexy and honourable hero.  This must be the first in a series and I desperately want to read all the rest. 


Anna Morgan

Anna enjoys writing about flawed alpha males and the feisty women who bring them to their knees. From dominant dragon shifters to sealing scifi soul bonds, these romances bite.

Emma Alisyn.

Emma Alisyn writes paranormal romance because being a SAHM isn't like how it is on television. Her lions, tigers, and bears will most interest readers who like their alphas strong, protective and smokin' hot; their heroines feisty, brainy and bootilicious; and their stories with lots of chemistry, tension and plenty of tender moments. 

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