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Bear Patrol Box Set,(Bear Shifters) by Scarlett Grove. Paranormal Romance Reviews.

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The Bear Patrol Series Is Now Together In One Complete Volume! 

Includes all five Patrol Bears and two Bonus Fate Mountain Stories! 

Commander Bear 
Jaguar shifter Zoe Bright knows trouble. Growing up, she was the “bad kid” who could never measure up to her bear-shifter brother Corey -- and now she’s in debt to the mob. So the last thing she expects is for Corey’s matchmaking program to pair her up with Fate Mountain’s handsome, hunky chief of police! 

Detective Bear 
Gauge Stockwell is a detective working to infiltrate a drug ring. He’s eager to find his mate, and has just gotten a match on the human-shifter mating website started by one of the shifters on Fate Mountain. But before he can meet her, he gains access to the criminal gang and has to go undercover. 
Under lock and key ... 

Cadet Bear 
Rosa Reyes’ little sister has disappeared -- and no matter what the police say, Rosa knows she didn’t run away. She sets off to find her, but when the trail runs cold, instinct leads her to Fate Mountain. Uncertain of her next steps, she registers for a human-shifter dating website to pass the time, only to receive an almost-instant message from a man saying she’s his mate! 

Tech Bear 
Lifelong techies Raven and Damien have been online video-game friends for years. When Damien asks Raven to sign up for a shifter-human dating website, she learns that the man she’s been crushing on all this time is her fated mate -- and the cop whose database she’s been hacking in search of her long-lost mother. 

Deputy Bear 
When her boyfriend betrays her, Harper Brown leaves his cheating ways behind and starts a new life on Fate Mountain. Living in her grandfather's rustic hunting cabin and working as a bank teller is a lot better than being miserable. Until her new boss turns up dead -- and the man investigating her is the same one she's been matched with by a human-shifter dating site. 

Lion's Halloween Baby 
Ever since serving in the military, Lion Shifter Rowan Tark has searched for a place to call home. When he steps off his motorcycle in Fate Mountain, right before Halloween, the first thing he does is sign up for the local dating website that matches male shifters with curvy human women. 

Cowboy Bear's Christmas Surprise 
His mate has collided with his life -- but her past is a blank and her future is in danger. Can he save her? 
Connor Milton has given up looking for his mate after years of searching. But when a woman crashes her car into a tree on his ranch not long before Christmas, he’s certain he’s finally found her. There’s one big problem--she doesn’t know who she is. 


Commander Bear: 
Zoe Bright has got herself in trouble way over her head. A Russian mob boss is using her. She came to Fate Mountain for the sole purpose of stealing some jewels. She did not expect to find everything she had not known she was looking for.
Police Commander Rollo Morris and bear patrol are investigating the theft of a fortune in jewels. Fate Mountain is a wonderful place for shifters to live, and Rollo enjoys his work.  He has however been looking for his fated mate for years, even the dating app hasn't been helpful. One sniff of the crime scene and he knows he is in for trouble.
We meet a whole new group of shifters in this series,  but it is a follow on from the Rescue Bears series so you will meet some old friends. This is a story with lots of humour, a sprinkle of danger and some scorching hot sex. I will be reading the next story as soon as possible.

Detective Bear:
Detective Bear Gauge Stockwell is a polar bear shifter working with the Fate Mountain Bear Patrol police force. He is going undercover to find the source of the crystal meth that is devastating the human community in Fate Mountain.
Lola  Lockhart has been forced to live out in the wilds making crystal meth for her step brother. He will not allow her to leave. He torments her by telling her what he could do to her.  There seems to be no way out.
This is the second in the Bear Patrol series and although you could read this on it's own, they are better read in order.
I must admit to being a little disappointed that our shifter didn't really use his other form much,  in fact our heroine didn't meet his bear at all. They are very lovable characters and I think Lola will come into her own soon.  It is a good story with lots going on, just not enough shifting for me.

Cadet Bear: 

Rosa Reyes is hunting for her sister. The police at home believe she ran away, but Rosa knows she was taken. As she has been looking she discovered other girls are also missing. Now in Fate Mountain the trail has gone cold.
Heath Reynolds is the newest addition to the Bear Patrol earning him the name Cadet Bear. Now he has the job he has always wanted all he needs to make his life perfect is a mate.
This is part of a series that is best read in order. Though you could read it on it's own. A very exciting , fast paced read. Full of feel good family values. I loved it, just like the rest of the series. Who do we get next??? 

Tech Bear: 
Damien Fellowes, better known as Tech Bear is the brains behind the cops of Bear Patrol in Fate Mountain.  Or so he likes to think.  He is also a big gamer,  he sometimes plays online at work.
Raven Lucas is an independent computer consultant, gamer and hacker.  She was brought up in the care system after her mother vanished.  Her investigation has led her to Fate Mountain and into their computer system. 
 Our heroine has always been alone, her best friend is a gamer she has only met on line.  Our hero has been on for years with no success.  He longs to meet his online gaming partner. 

  An emotional and fun addition to the series .
This could easily be read as a stand alone, but if you intend to read the series this will include little spoilers for at least one of the others.  A lovely series of lighthearted shifter stories. 
Deputy Bear:

Coming home from the reading of her grandfather's will,  Harper Brown finds her long time boyfriend in bed with someone else. So she decides to go and start a complete new life at the cabin in Fate Mountain she inherited. 
Grizzly bear shifter Deputy Knox Carter has been on mate. com for years with no luck.  The one day he can't check, what happens??
Our heroine's new life turns into an emotional roller coaster. 
A murder investigation can cause problems for the Bear Patrol. 
A short,  fast paced and sexy read. 


Scarlett Grove is a Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author.
Between writing books she's wrangling two and four legged babies around the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. With a lifetime love of fantasy and science fiction adventure, Scarlett lets her imagination soar in her sexy romance stories. She loves the heat of an alpha hero and a strong heroine falling madly in love.

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