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Wrax (Warriors Of Firosa #1) by Thanika Hearth. Sci-Fi Romance. ARC Review.

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"She is mine; I shouldn’t have to contain myself." 

Honor is everything to me. 

Wrax is undefeated in the Firosan arena; the king of deathmatches on his home planet. When he comes up against a man with everything to lose, he knows his winning streak will soon come to an end. Is there any way to win against a cheater without a conscience? And how does he explain this to his new bride, teleported all the way from Earth to reluctantly bear his offspring? 

I trusted my instincts before, and I got burned. 

Cara is a junior lawyer with a past riddled with wrong decisions and bad luck. A family who leeches off her, friends who take advantage, and an ex who won’t leave her alone. When the opportunity to be matched with a feral warlord presents itself, it’s not the impossibly strong alien who draws her — it’s the thought of a new beginning. 

Wrax’s time is running out, and only Cara stands a chance to save him … can she see past his gruff demeanor and the backwards Firosan customs long enough to be his salvation? 

*Note to readers: This book contains scenes of an adult nature, as well as some gladiatorial violence, a beautiful faraway planet populated mostly by growling shirtless warlords, and one sassy AI.*


When Cara Delaney 's birth date comes up she has to go and get her DNA checked.  Since the planet was saved from certain devastation by Aliens the single women of Earth must check to see if they are compatible for breeding.  Surprisingly it comes as a relief to go to another planet. 
Wrax is the ruling warrior in the planet Paxia in the Firosa system.  They settle all their disputes in the Arena by combat.  The planet by as been slowly dying out because they have no females. 
This is a short but exciting Sci-Fi romance on a fascinating new world.  I hope there will be more from this series. 


Thanika loves to write stories set in huge, complex worlds. She especially likes slow burn romance set against a fun, action-packed backdrop. Thanika lives by the grey English sea with her bear shifter partner and their tiny stripy dog.

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