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The Wilde Crew : Ashton (The Shifters Of Wilde Ranch) by Kim Fox . Paranormal Romance ARC Review.

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All that Lauren wants is a nice weekend away in the mountains of Montana with her friends but when she witnesses a shifter phase in front of her terrified eyes, her weekend turns from relaxing to deadly. 

Grizzly bear shifter, Ashton, is part of the Wilde Crew, the shifter crew famous for screwing everything up. So it’s no surprise when he gets videotaped phasing from his bear into his human form on some tourist’s phone. But what is a surprise, is the intense reaction the girl brings out of Ashton’s bear. Could the curvy girl be his one true mate?

When the compromising video ends up in the wrong hands, their lives will be in danger, their relationship will be tested, and the secret of every shifter in Colwood, Montana will be on the line. Will they be able to work together to get the video back or will the shifters’ secret be exposed for the whole world to see?

Book Three in the Wilde Crew Series. No Cliffhanger. No Cheating. HEA. 18+


Lauren and her friends are off for a weekend trip to the Wilde Ranch Inn.  It is near to the town where supposedly there are shifters.  The others are determined to find out if it's true. There is a whole "Shifter Chaser " movement,  women who want to mate with them and men who want to capture them.  Lauren doesn't believe they exist.  Ashton is a grizzly bear shifter and bare knuckle fighter living at Wilde Ranch. 
This is the third book in this series but you could read any of them on their own.  Only a short story but lots of fun,  with some good fights. 


A paranormal romance writer who loves bear shifters and the tough, curvy women that can handle them. Kim Fox has won dozens of awards but none of them have anything to do with writing and most of them are just participation ribbons she got while playing soccer when she was ten-years-old. She's still really good though!

If you're looking for a good place to start reading, I would recommend starting with Vega Brothers: Julius.

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