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Rakes In Tartan (Highland Vampires Romance -5) by Suz DeMello. Historical/Paranormal Romance ARC Review.

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Setting: London, 1816

The social season promises both love and danger for Torquil Kilburn and Andrew MacReiver, Highland heirs arrived in London to seek brides. The Scotsmen must negotiate the complicated morés of high society to woo and win an exquisite debutante and her passionate, unconventional mother while keeping their vampire heritage a secret.

But evil stalks the ballroom at Almack’s, the streets of Piccadilly, the drawing rooms of the ton. Headless bodies have been found drained of their blood, for another vampire haunts the streets of London, murdering noblemen. As he draws ever closer, Tor and Andrew must fight not only for love, but for their lives.


Torquil Kilburn and Andrew MacReiver have travelled to London from their highland home.  Torquil wants to find a bride from among the seasons crop of young ladies.  He has to keep his family's blood thirsty heritage a secret. 
After being jilted at home in Norway, Huldra komtesse Ragnarsdatter comes to London in the hope of finding a worthy husband.  Her adopted mother and brother are also enjoying the season. I will not spoil this by telling you too much about them. 
There are a couple of strange deaths that cast a cloud over festivities.  Who can be responsible??. 
What a wonderfully sexy and mysterious romance.  It will totally take you by surprise. 
I have read previous books about the Kilburn Clan, so I knew their secret, but I was still amazed at the rest of this story.  Andrew and his exploits add a very sexy twist,  but can his lady give all he demands??. 
I loved every page and can't wait to read more. 



An award-winning, best-selling romance novelist, Suz uses a pseudonym to protect her privacy. But if you're a romance fan, you've probably read her books or have heard of her, since she's known for layered, compelling novels charged with humor as well as emotion. 

Of her journey to the steamier side of writing, Suz says, “I love writing traditional romances, but after several years in the same mode, I felt that I really needed to cut loose as a creative artist and write hot, sexy books that reflect the wilder side of being human.” 

Suz’s books are fast paced, with seductive situations, complicated characters and a whole lot of kink! 

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