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Forever Mated (Shifter Date #4) by Alma Black. Paranormal Romance ARC Review.

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A sexy businessman seeking a feisty female lion shifter. A shifter lioness who needs to mate and make cubs. He’s man enough to tame a shifter, but is he man enough to satisfy her?

Kyra has always longed for a family of her own. But bad relationships, unrequited crushes, and insecurities have always stood in this lioness shifter's way--until now.

Zac, a rich and powerful entrepreneur has wanted the curvy and petite Kyra the moment from he laid eyes on her. It's his turn to prove that even though he's human, he's strong and virile--and he's exactly what this pretty kitty needs.

But with the threat of Power Shift growing, Zac uncovers dark secrets about his family. Now, he must choose between the father he thought he trusted, and the woman of his dreams. Can Zac mate Kyra and protect her, or will this alpha human lose everything in a violent uprising?


Lioness shifter Krya Brown has done really well since starting with the "shifter Date" company.  Taking the scheduled meeting on her own with the human partner is causing her doubts.  It's not because of the work,  she is confident with that.  It's the fact that she fancies the man, he is irresistible to her and her lioness. 
Zac Highstead is used to having his pick of the most beautiful women.  Most only want his money.  But there is one that is denying him.  He also knows that his father is in trouble, but won't tell him. 
With the troublesome "Power Shift" group still causing problems ,can a lioness and a human have any chance.
This is one series i think you should read in order. It has lots of excitement, steamy sex scenes and a really good story line. I love this series.  

You can also explore the dating profiles of the characters and the Shifter Date app itself as well as see a video promo for the Shifter Date App.


Alma lives in Los Angeles, and wishes with all her heart that Shifter Date had eligible mates in Southern California. Until then, she uses regular dating sites to bring you these stories, inspired by her actual dating life.
She is especially fond of sexy, paranormal stories where the hero has a penchant for growling and the sassy heroine doesn’t put up with any bark. These stories are fast reads and are funny, sexy, and very naughty!

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