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Royal: (The Clawed Squad #2) by Kim Fox. ARC Review.

Grizzly bear shifter, Royal, needs a princess. Unfortunately the tiny mountain town of Colwood, Montana is fresh out of them. Every bear shifter in the Clawed Squad must find a mate, and soon, and the pressure on Royal to drop his dream of marrying a princess is starting to get intense. It's too bad there's no way in hell that he's ever going to drop it.

Camilla Hill is a master con artist. She gets in way over her head during a con when she pretends to be a princess in need and catches the eye of a sexy bear shifter. He's hot, dangerous, and has a thing for princesses. Can she tell him the truth before things quickly spin out of control?

Love is in the air, but so is deception, lies, and betrayal. Will the prince get his princess or just get royally screwed?

Camilla Hill is a con artist.  She has been living off her cons since she was a child. She is never happy doing it, but the idea of living on the streets terrifies her. 
Ivan Maltese,  Royal to his friends, is a genuine prince.  His greedy family we're thrown out of their country, and Royal disowned them.  Now he lives with the rest of the Clawed Squad and must find a mate.  He is determined to only marry a princess,  they are very few and far between. 
This story is so funny,  I was giggling a lot while reading it.  This squad are all great fun,  never take anything seriously.  Our poor heroine's conscience is troubling her.  Our sexy hero is so set on his "princess" he believes every word she says. 
I can't wait to read the next book in the series. 


A hot, new paranormal romance writer who loves Werebears and the tough, BBW that can handle them. 

Her latest series is Smokejumpers: Werebear (Bear Shifters of Flathead Forest) a cast of fun, lovable and sexy smokejumping shifters. Each book focuses on a different member of the crew and the women that they fall for. 

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