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First Blade. by Jane Hinchey. Paranormal Romance. ARC Review.

Georgia Pearce craves a normal life, one where she can happily ignore her psychic abilities, but when she unearths an ancient dagger with untold power, her life is thrown into chaos and turmoil. The dagger triggers a series of events, one of them the arrival of Zak Goodwin, half vampire, half angel. With ancient vampires hot on her tail, Georgia risks it all to keep her loved ones safe, including her heart. Can she trust Zak not to betray her? 

Zak Goodwin is a best selling author of dark paranormal books.  He is also a powerful vampire /angel hybrid.  When the ring he wears suddenly changes colour he knows that an ancient weapon has been awakened.
Georgia Pearce is an antique furniture restorer.  She has also been working on restoring her farmhouse.  In a hidden space in the brickwork she finds a fancy dagger, by cutting herself on it.  Since then she has been having strange dreams.
Our hero is a very forceful guy, used to the women he meets falling all over him, finding one he can´t read sparks his interest.
 Our heroine is a tough independent woman with a hair trigger temper. She carries undeserved guilt over something she believes, she should have "seen". Drowning it in alcohol is not working.
An all action, blood thirsty vampire romance that is obviously the start of a series, that I will no doubt be addicted to.  All the characters are so intense and interesting.  There are some hot sex (not crude) scenes and a lot more story than sex. Just the way I like it.  I know this is a vampire story but I do hope the poor werewolf character gets a book of his own as well.  I loved it. 


After moving to Australia from the UK when she was two years old, Jane grew up in outback South Australia, with no television until she was eight years old. Instead she found her entertainment within the pages of books. She grew up to be an avid reader, with a vague dream that one day she’d become a writer. Then life got in the way. She got a ‘real’ job, married, had kids. Life got busy, busy, busy and old dreams quickly got shelved.

After years away from writing, Jane put fingers to keyboard and finally wrote the novel she’d been dreaming about for years. That novel was First Blade. Jane now runs her own business as a Book Coach, helping fellow writers achieve their own dream of writing a book.

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