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Brawn Of The Bear. (Six Pack #2) by Thanika Hearth. ARC Review.

When Natalie, a petite but powerful shifter, witnesses a gruesome crime one night, she begins to truly fear for her life. Luckily, she happens to be friends with a team of bodyguards … one of whom she has had a secret crush on for ages, even though he seems to hate her. 

Ed Forrest is a mercenary; a bodyguard for hire, who agrees to watch out for Natalie. An enormous, towering bear of a man, and no gentle giant, he is one of the last grizzly bear shifters in the country, and resigned to an arranged marriage with another of his kind to continue his line. 

There is absolutely no way he can fall for someone right now... 

Which means it’s a terrible idea for him to spend so much time with this fun, sexy polar bear shifter, right? So … why can’t he tear himself away? 

*This novel is the second in a series, but it can absolutely be read as a standalone with a HEA! Warning: steamier than a bear in a hot tub.*

Natalie is a polar bear shifter.  She works behind the bar where the Six Pack band of shifters get together.  They are all discussing the results of their last battle.  On her way home that night she witnesses a murder.  Now she is dragged into the dangerous side of human/shifter relations. 
Ed Forrest is a grizzly bear shifter and a mercenary or bodyguard for hire.  He is also under pressure from his determined mother to take a grizzly bear mate. 
A shifter romance with a very complicated story behind it.  The reason for the battles are a mystery, even to our characters.   This series is set in London which is unusual.  The idea of shifters, bears,  big cats and wolves living so far away from open country is strange. 
A very entertaining read.  I think it would be much better to read the series in order. 


Thanika loves to write stories set in huge, complex worlds. She especially likes slow burn romance set against a fun, action-packed backdrop. Thanika lives by the grey English sea with her bear shifter partner and their tiny stripy dog.

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