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Benched by Abigail Graham. My ARC Review.

Mr. Right has never been so freakin’ wrong. 
I'm a single mom and a cop. When some arrogant superstar thinks he can speed through my town and smirk and charm his way out of a ticket, he’s wrong. I wrote the ticket and impounded his car. 

Then he moved in next door. 

This muscled up god with his glorious physique, panty-dropping smile and smart mouth is my new neighbor. He hates the ‘burbs, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from flirting with me every chance he gets. As if strutting around in boxers with his abs and chest on display is enough to make me forget his snide comments and wisecracks. Oh sure, he knows how to turn on the charm... like I'll fall for that. 

I bet that would make a great story, bagging the cop that gave him the ticket- but I’m not some ditzy arm candy lining up to be the next notch in his bedpost. 

I don’t have time to fool around. It doesn’t matter if he’s hot, and younger than I am, and just looking at him makes my legs shake. 

The closer we get, the more I think I misjudged him. Somewhere beneath that arrogant smirk is a good man, maybe even the right man, but my past threatens to shatter us both... 

BENCHED is a standalone, full-length romance with an HEA.

Alexander Wright has been nabbed for speeding.  He is a very famous football player and used to getting his own way.  When he gets a harsh punishment he begins to learn there is much in life be has been missing out on. 
Officer Phoebe Maguire is a hard working single mum in a small town.  She is fed up with everyone not taking her seriously just because she is petite. The giant football player needs to be put in his place. 
This is a fun story about two people who are polar opposites learning there is more than one way to look at things. The characters are complex and very lovable. There are some very hot sex scenes and a nasty visit from people who don't seem to  know what the words "go away" mean.
A very enjoyable book.


Abigail Graham is a Delaware native and former English teacher who now writes romance novels full-time. She published her first book in 2014, a serial entitled Paradise Falls. Since then she has published six novels, with more on the way!

Abigail holds degrees in history, literature, and education. When she's not writing, she enjoys all things geeky, binge watching soap operas, and hanging out with her two cats, Darius and Xerxes.

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