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A Rake Reformed. (Gentlemen Of Worth #6) by Shirley Marks. ARC Review.

Frederick Worth, the Earl of Brent, is out of luck. He’s gambled away a considerable fortune, and London’s creditors are in pursuit. Rather than return to Faraday Hall and risk his father’s displeasure, he flees to his property in the remote north. Only Penshaw Manor isn’t quite the safe, comfortable haven he expects.

Freddie is horrified to discover that not only is the property in an alarming state of disrepair but “the Earl of Brent” is loathed by tenants and neighbors alike. Forced to conceal his true identity, he finds himself enjoying this small circle of society, even as he falls for the lovely—if oftentimes infuriating—Miss Rosalind Harris.

Now he’s tempted to bid farewell to his rakish ways and become the true lord of Penshaw Manor. But first, Freddie must prove his worth to Miss Rosalind—and to himself—before anyone discovers who he really is.…

Frederick Worth, Earl of Brent is escaping from his gambling debts by running away to an estate even he had forgotten he owned.  Dragging his best friend Trevor with him on a rickety gig from London to Cumberland.  A perilous journey to take in the winter. 
Our hero is not a bad guy, just very irresponsible.
Miss Rosalind Harris and her sister have been doing their best to look after the tenants of the estate, but with no money to spare and an absentee landlord, things are dire.  Two extra guests for the Christmas time will not help. 
Our heroine is a strong and capable young lady, and is well loved by the folk around her. 
A sweet, emotional but fun adventure in historical romance.  All our characters are very lovable and slightly mischievous .
A lovely lighthearted read. 
Ps, This is my first book by this author. I look forward to reading many more.


California-born Shirley Marks lives in Silicon Valley with her software engineer husband and unpredictable Rat Terrier. Shirley travels to and from London several times a year where she researches settings, develop new characters, and stories weave together for her next Regency novel! When at home, she spends time writing and trying to adjust to Pacific Standard Time. 

Shirley writes Traditional Regency Romance stories (sweet/clean) and clean Romantic Comedies.! 

ARC Received Through 2016netgalleychallenge

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