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Shades of Dragon. by Catherine Vale. Paranormal Romance Review.

Abandoned by his mother as a young boy, and taken in by the elders of the Redwater clan, Tegan isn't your typical hero. In fact, if you ask him, he wouldn't call himself a hero at all.  Yet when he is asked to investigate the outcome of an attack on the nearby human villages, what he discovers invokes the rage of a thousand storms, and he finds himself on the run with a beautiful stranger. 

Tegan may be half dragon, half human, but he's all heart.  If he doesn't stay focused on the mission at hand, he will find that the curvy woman he's determined to protect, could be on her way to stealing it. 

On the run, they must fight their way to safety before time runs out. Tick, tock. 

This is a dragon shifter story.
Tegan was abandoned by his mother as a child because having a bastard was ruining her life. He was finding it difficult to shift into his dragon. When another dragon rescued him from certain death and took him in as a member of his clan.
Many years later Tegan goes to investigate tales of dragon attacks on the humans.
Ciara is the only human left in the devastated village.  That puts her and Tegan in danger from the dragons who attacked her home.
A lovely fantasy with plenty of dragon fights and beautiful love scenes.
Total escapism.  Good fun.

Catherine Vale is a bestselling Canadian author who writes sexy paranormal romance stories, where her heroes aren't afraid to get their hands a little dirty (and a little furry), and the women they love are always independent with a mind of her own.

If you love were-cats, shifters in all forms, and sinfully wild tales of love and adventure, check out Catherine's complete library of paranormal romance stories. 

Take a walk on the wild side of love! RAWR!

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