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Fairy Magic (Dragon Born Awakening #1) by Ella Summers.

Half-fairy mercenary Naomi Garland has spent her whole life caught between two worlds. She’s learned to depend on her sword instead of her weak magic. But when a mission to save kidnapped supernaturals in Munich goes horribly wrong, she discovers an ancient fairy magic she never knew she had: the power to navigate realms.

Naomi uncovers a tear in the veil between earth and the underworld, the home realm of spirits, demons, and ghosts—and the prison of criminals banished there because they were too dangerous and demented for the earth. To stop the rising hellish army and repair the boundaries between realms, Naomi has to journey into the underworld to find a powerful ally, a dark and tempting Dragon Born mage who has been imprisoned there for seven hundred years.

Fairy Magic is the first book in the Dragon Born Awakening urban fantasy series.

The Dragon Born Series
The three Dragon Born series can be read independently or together. Publication order:

Mercenary Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 1)
Magic Edge (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 1)
Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 2)
Magic Nights (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 3)
Blood Magic (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 2)
Magic Kingdom (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 3)
Fairy Magic (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 1)
Rival Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 4) ~ coming soon!
And more books coming later

Naomi Garland is half fairy and half mage who is only just learning her magical powers. She is a mercenary and works to save as many people as she can. This will cause her no end of trouble in this book. She finds herself magically linked to someone who lives in Hell.  Popping in and out of there all the time even when it's only in a vision is hard on a girls mind and body. The sexy Dragon born mage she is linked to does make it worthwhile. 
This is a YA Fantasy full of magical battles with demons and other not very nice beings. You do have to concentrate to keep track of where our kickass heroine is. Even she doesn't know half the time.
This is the first in a series, but I think it must be a spin off from another because there are several references to something that happened before this story starts. An entertaining read.

 Ella Summers has been writing stories for as long as she could read; she's been coming up with tall tales even longer than that. One of her early year masterpieces was a story about a pigtailed princess and her dragon sidekick. Nowadays, she still writes fantasy. She likes books with layered plots, lots of action and adventure, and a touch of romance. When she is not busy writing or spending time with her two young children, she makes the world safe by fighting robots.

Originally from the U.S., Ella currently resides in Switzerland. She is the author of Sorcery and Science, a fantasy adventure series set in a world splintered by magic and technology.

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